Hurricane Gustav killed my Dreamcast =(

My Modded Dreamcast was destroyed in last weeks hurricane because I live in Baton Rouge,LA =( I lost a bunch of other stuff like my whole Anime dvd collection,Toys etc.

Does anyone know where I can buy another hardware modded dreamcast. I checked ebay,but I am not sure what to look for because it doesn’t come up under " Modded Dreamcast"

Losing my dreamcast makes me very sad :sad:

sucks to hear that. but just buy a standard dreamcast that can play cd-r’s and burn a copy of utopia boot disc.

Why have it be modded? As long as you self-boot anything all you need is a CD-R.

Thx didn’t know that.

You won’t find it on Ebay because it is illegal to sell “modded” systems. I also don’t think you should be asking about it here either.

Make sure you check the model # - later models of the Dreamcast don’t read CDs, only GDROMs iirc.



iirc it was the first 3 batches that can read CDR.

only white ones as well iirc.

Lies, all models can read CD-R’s (unless you want the hello kitty one). The newer ones (Oct 2000 and after) have the code in the BIOS stripped that made it possible to boot ‘usual’ cd-rs, you need to burn them with some special technique that i’m not allowed to discuss here. Just go search in another board for those methods.

So in a few words, just buy one whose manufacture date is on or before October 2000 and save yourself some trouble (look on the back of it, in the service sticker).

EDIT: Another way to check is if the console has a (0) or (1) on the underside, (2) will not load backups. It should have a circle and a number right next to the NTSC-U legend.