Hunter's Arena: Legends - New Fighting Game (1v1, Battle Royale, FFA)

Hey guys! ^^
So there is this new game called Hunter’s Arena: Legends, it’s still in early release, but it’s really good. It’s made by company called “Mantisco” from Korea. It’s their first game, but unfortunately it didn’t have proper advertising yet (they are planning bigger advertising on full release from what i know, and future release on consoles - for now it’s just on PC, but you can use controller). It was released as B2P, so the population died out quickly due to high skill gap between players (newbies rage quit), since they weren’t able to replenish player-base on EU/NA. Korean server has players, but well - that’s Korea xD.

The game combat is based on Fighting Games, with some key differences that make it more unique and open it on new possibilities, but it is still basically a Fighting Game.
One of the main differences is that it has 3rd person camera, so there is a lot more positioning in terms of mind games, but what it also allows for - is different game modes. There is 1v1 (Tag Match) of course, but they have also made a Battle Royale Solo/Trio mode which is PvEvP basically, or Free For All mode where 4 people fight against each other on Arena.
Currently there are 12 characters and 4 game modes, but they’re planning to add more game modes and many more characters on full release.

The game has no Pay2Win at all - it’s all about your personal skills, it has awesome graphics, and personally i fell in love with it and its combat.
However as i mentioned earlier, unfortunately it struggles with population on EU/NA right now, which is why i’m trying to build small community of committed players, and since this game requires perseverance to learn and get good, i’ve decided to make a thread in here if anyone would be interested.

I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH STEAM CODE FOR THIS GAME, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVEN BUY IT! If you’re interested, you can contact me here, in private or on discord ( Gregy#5042 ) and i’ll provide you with steam code for free.

I can teach you everything i know about the game, and additionally there are some guides that you can read (i will be updating mine sometime soon due to some changes in game, but it’s still 99% correct):

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