HUMBLE ORIGIN BUNDLE - sick savings! D:

Some of these games are pretty old now, but you can get ALL of them by paying a minimum of $4.74 (the average when I bought the bundle myself)

These are the same people who do the humble indie bundle. You set your own price when you purchase. You can give as little as a dollar if you want.

Games are: Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, Mirror’s Edge, and – if you beat the average – Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3

Thought I’d let SRK know…

P.S. - some games use Origin while others use Steam.

Origin? Ew.

Origin? Not even once.

Plus I’m not interested in any of those games. It’s pretty weird that EA is doing this though, especially considering they may not make any money from it.

Eh I use both Steam and Origin…haven’t had problems with either. And for a game like BF3 there’s no choice anyway…

Only Dead Space 3 is for Origin. Pay at least a dollar and you get steam codes for everything else.

They are throwing money at pushing Origin as a long term investment.

There’s the same choice I made: don’t buy it, and I didn’t, since it was origin only

Never understood the Origin hate. I figure either it’s because it’s EA or it’s not Steam, but either way, I have no issue using it. Good games are good, so I’ll play them regardless.

Plus, I’ve been in a Sims mood lately for some reason.

Heh. Well I didn’t see any problems with Origin, so I bought it. =)

Origin is glorified Spyware. Even reason why I don’t have it on my machine.

Punkbuster is more evil than Origin. Punkbuster is running in the background at all times unless you end it as a service/remove it completely from your PC, but if you do that, you can’t play a bunch of games online that require it.

At least when I close Origin all services/traces of it stop running on my PC, whereas it’s the complete opposite for Punkbuster. If I stop playing a game that requires Punkbuster, Punkbuster will still be running in the background. If I didn’t really like some of the games that use it, I wouldn’t fuck with Origin or Punkbuster, but since EA is evil and this Humble Bundle is awesome, I don’t have a choice. I’ll get rid of Origin+Punkbuster later on down the line when I don’t care to play specific games online from the bundle like BF3, MOH and Crysis 2(not sure if this requires Punkbuster or not, but MOH and BF3 do.)

LOl @ Origin hate, reminds me of the millions who hate on FOX News yet have never watched it and can’t explain specifically what they don’t like about it. I understand having to launch a program separate from Steam to play a game is a minor hassle, but if that bothers you to the point where you won’t buy great games at literally dirt cheap prices then you have mental and emotional issues which need to be sorted out. 99% Of the hate for Origin is simply because EA created it, so for anyone who dislikes Origin please specify what it’s egregious flaw is compared to Steam?

I remember when Steam was getting shit in its early days, people were like “what a program just to play CS?..pffffft!”

Also :rofl: @ David Demartini you guys remember this gem:

"I know both sides of it, I understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, that is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of stuff at a low price. The game makers work incredibly hard to make this intellectual property, and we’re not trying to be Target. We’re trying to be Nordstrom.

“When I say that, I mean good value, we’re trying to give you a fair price point, and occasionally there will be things that are on sale you could look for a discount, just don’t look for 75 per cent off going-out-of-business sales.”

Kudos to EA for donating 100% of the proceeds to charity, considering how many bundles have been sold, I’m sure they regret it but still no one can hate on there generosity here even if it’s just a brilliant ploy to get gamers to signup for Origin.

Because they went to court and argued they have a legal right to lie, and still brand themselves a news channel, duh

Origin is shitty because it’s a one vendor system. Steam has games from all companies, not just Valve (even though it might not have launched like that). It’s also pointless to have 2 different competing platforms installed onto your machine. There’s also the issue that the EULA of Origin says they have the right to sell information about your machine (specs, software installed, usage, hardware, etc) to their partners, which means Origin is scanning and transmitting these things back home.

Steam has similar features but they are opt in I believe.

Origin is EA’s way of saying “I want a piece of this pie too!” and offering nothing of value over steam. It’s completely unnecessary bloatware, and it’s not gonna go on any of my pcs.

Hell wasn’t a forum ban on Origin making people unable to access their games?

I am missing out on nothing of value by not having Origin on my machine, if that means I miss out on some cookie cutter Battlefield yearly update then so be it, there is no shortage of good games that I can get on Steam or DRM free elsewhere to fill my time, EA can suck a fucking dick

^See people that’s how you make a legitimate hate post :tup:

Inappropriate language=get your origin game taken away…it would be funny if it wasn’t so retarded. Anyways I don’t use Origin, but my two favorite franchises this generation (Dead Space and Mass Effect) unfortunately happen to be owned by EA so I have an account and fortunately havent had any issues with Orign…works fine to me.

To clarify…

On steam and origin:
Burnout paradise
Crysis 2
Dead space 1
Medal of honour
Mirror’s edge

On origin only:
Battlefield 3
Dead space 3
Sims 3

Red Alert 3: Uprising and Populous been added to the bundle

I wish they added MOH: Warfighter, Bulletstorm or Dead Space 2.