Humble Comics Bundle: Street Fighter X Udon

The name says most of what I would ordinarily have to say to anybody who recognizes the humble bundle website. They usually offer some decent discounts on sets of digital downloads, and the opportunity to decide how much of your money goes towards charities. It looks like the charity is fixed this time, but nothing anybody here would be likely find objectionable since I presume you folk would want to support comic book creators. If nothing else, the P.D.F. previews will provide some free entertainment, and possibly serve as a source of inspiration for fightstick art to show off over at techtalk. Although I must admit that this is not quite my cup of tea, hence my usual non-presence in this portion of the website, I must also admit that even in just the previews there are a few interesting fight scenes and promo shots, and if you ever wanted to see Chun Li in a hoodie (or hadn’t realized you would want to to until I just mentioned it) this is your chance.

On the other hand, the Darkstalkers Volume One preview makes everything seem like too fargone of a conclusion though, and it is weird to me that Chun Li mentioned Interpol three weeks before the Street Fighter II tournament, when my recollection of the story as shown in Super Street Fighter II is that she put her skills to use for the police force after winning the tournament, which was itself a retcon of her being satisfied with her revenge and wanting to just live an ordinary life. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about retconitis in either fighting games or western comic books at this point in time though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it is probably worth mentioning that despite being billed as a Street Fighter bundle, there are also a few Darkstalkers works snuck in here and there. Not enough to merit buying in if you’re not interested in the Street Fighter volumes, but just enough to have a noteworthy presence.

The bundle is here if you’d like to check it out. Maybe those of you who’ve actually read some of these volumes can mention which your favorites of the bunch is, and which tier is most worthwhile to buy into for interested parties.

Also, those of you who have already read all of these might still be interested in the “This Purchase is a Gift” checkbox given that the holiday season is starting to creep up on us. That gives you a link you can forward to your personal favorite Street Fighter afficianado to give them the gift of Udon street fighter comics.

The storyline in the comics is not official and is very different than the storyline in the games, there are several changes. Such as in the comics Street Fighters and Darkstalkers exist within the same universe which is not true in the games where those worlds are seperate.

Also in the games, the SF3 tournament followed by SF3 Third Strike are currently the final installments of the saga while in Udon’s comic, aspects of SF5 happen after. In the games SF5 takes place before SF3.

I enjoy most of Udon’s comic. I feel they dropped the ball a bit with the SF2 and SF3 tournies, but the Alpha arc and the Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers series are great.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve read all of these books but this is cool for new readers so thanks!