Hulk users. Lend me your creative juices!

So I am not very good, just an 8th lord. The team I am using is Hulk/Rocket Raccoon/Sent. Now the part that I need help with is the team super between Hulk and RR. After an air series and I have the meter, I land and do a team super, then I gamma charge across the screen while RR is still doing his super, but then I don’t really know what to do. So anybody got some ideas?

It depends on what combo you did into the team super. If you’ve used your ground bounce or your wall bounce, best thing to do is to just experiment with combos and see what you can do.

So I messed around with stuff and there seems to be too much hit stun for hulk to really do anything :frowning:

Hulk/Sent is totally creative. Definitely never run into anyone using that duo before

Fully charged Impact Punch is a Forced Wall bounce, so you might be able to get something from that?

Have you tried setting up a reset with Gamma tornado?

What is your normal combo into the super and i assume u are using a 2bar team super.

Well since the original poster abandoned the thread we may as well use this to brainstorm and create optimized solo and team combos. I’ll start… I haven’t posted a combo in a long time so forgive me if the combos looks kinda funky

J.s J.LMM Land Anti-air gamma charge LM land M forward M xx gamma charge HL xx Anti-air gamma charge HH land gamma wave L xx gamma crush.

You’ll be looking at 909k off a single J.S, it carries from mid screen and builds up a little more than one meter. I’m looking for ways to get more damage out of it but I can’t seem to come up with anything. Here are my assist Dorm(Dark hole)/ Sent(Rocket punch)

If I choose not to use the meter I can end with gamma wave/dark hole xx L xx gamma tornado H for another 600k with no meter by using rocket punch.

Funny thing, I run the same comp but with Sent Drones. Mid screen J.S. or J.H, J.S is a dead character. Here is my bread and butter for most cases like that:

:a1: = Dark Hole
:a2: = Drones

j.:h:, j.:s:, j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:m:, s.:m:, :f::m:, s.:s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :a1:, :l: Gamma Wave, :s:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :l: Gamma Wave, AA :h: Gamma Charge :h:, :l: Gamma Wave, AA :h: Gamma Charge :m:, s.:h:, Gamma Tsunami

This video is the combo without the assist. But with the assist it basically works on everyone.


Now adjusting your combo will be difficult because of hit-stun. But since you never actually launch them and start out with a j.S, you can add in a second j.LMM and you should be good since the rest is just gamma charges. So it would look like this:

j.:s:, j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:m:, AA :l: Gamma Charge :m:, s.:m:, :f::m:, :h: Gamma Charge :l:, AA :h: Gamma Charge :h:, :l: Gamma Wave, Gamma Crush

You might also be able to add in your dark hole assist before your Gamma Crush, you would just have to delay a second, but I’d be worried about hit-stun again. The problem with this combo though is the complexity and practicality. If you want to show off, it’s a fun combo, but I’d keep it simpler.

Well the thing with my combo is that it’s really meant to be used if Hulk is left alone without assists. Combo’ing with hulk mid-screen with no assist is difficult so I just wanted one way I could get damage if I’m stuck with a lone Hulk.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried hard tagging after the AA H Gamma Charge M ender? I’m out of town atm and can’t test anything, but I’m looking for ways to work a Hulk/Doom/Frank team (possibly not in that order, but that would be optimal) because I enjoy the Hulk/Doom combo and they both offer some Frank leveling tech.

Basically, though, the team would improve exponentially if I could hard tag Doom after that wall bounce and OTG with enough time to get an air finger lasers off before the opponent flipped out–not for damage, but for a lvl 5 Frank. Thoughts? If anyone has tried it, does it connect in the corner (or anywhere)? If it whiffs, would there be time to OTG with Doom?

I doubt this would work - Hulks M follow up to Up charge is a soft knock down, so they’d recover as soon as they touch the ground. I may be wrong though.

Yeah I just got to test this and you’re 100% right. In the corner, an H followup to the AA Charge actually does let you hard tag doom and OTG, but it’s not consistently viable because it requires that you still have your ground bounce…so it basically eliminates any combo that begins with a j.S. Too bad. You can still get lvl 5 Frank by DHC whiffing out of Gamma Quake (with a double picture/4 without), but it takes a good deal of effort and a (non-hulk) assist, which is fairly limiting. That’s what I’ve found so far at least.

Thanks for the input. I should have checked the move’s properties before posting hah.

No sweat - I dabbled a bit with Doom/Hulk/Frank at one point. There’s decent synergy there. I also prefer this order as it gives point-Doom access to Shopping cart for pressure and Up charge for defense. Hulk with cart and missiles is good too, but I just think Doom has much better match ups against the traditional point characters.

I’m going to hit the lab this weekend with this team and see what else I can come up with.

Nice, I’m glad to hear someone else has seen some potential in that team too. My Hulk combos are really outdated, so I didn’t do much other than play with tags, DHCS, and a few extensions (just on Hulk), but I’m gonna mess around with it more this weekend too. I’d definitely love to hear about anything interesting you find.

I agree on the Doom-as-point argument, but since Doom levels Frank so easily I was planning on grouping them together so that I could level Frank off Doom without spending three bars. What I was really looking for with the Hulk wall bounce ender was a way to tag Doom in, connect during the tag, and continue the combo long enough to do an air finger laser hyper…but I guess even if there were a screen position that would work for, it would be way too inconsistent to rely on.