Hulk smash puny phoenix!

I cant believe I neglected to post this here. The hulk can one shot phoenix at anytime and not have to worry about her dark phoenix form. Simply do any combo into launcher and cancel it into Gamma Smash. Its invincible frames will kill regular phoenix and keep you from getting pushed out. The meteor will hit Dark phoenix on the way up and kill her on the way down. Have Fun :china:

Holy jeeze! That’s incredibly helpful information. Thanks! (runs to training mode to test)

i knew our Gamma Giant has the potential to Kill her :wink:

Hulk’s launcher isn’t special cancelable, so I don’t understand how this combo works, but the idea behind it is brilliant! It didn’t even occur to me that we could do this.

A combo like j.:h:, j.:s:, :l:, cr.:h: xx :h:-Gamma Charge (Phoenix dies), Gamma Crush would work a lot better.

Its not the special launcher and that is my fault for posting it as such … Should always make sure before posting its cancelable through standing H or Crouching M Im trying to remember which is the foot kick I cant catch her off of that one I think thats crouching H but none the less there is NOTHING she can do if you catch her with it its pretty much insta death for her.

I can’t get this to work in training mode… I can time it perfectly with weird combos so that he kills phoenix on the way up, but on the way down it only gets her to around 25%…

i can also not get this to work, if i xfactor i can almost kill her. but i’m not hitting her after the burst.

the combo i used to get the timing right was j.H j.S c.M s.H or into gamma smash or something dumb like that. it would definitely work if you were x factor’d at all, or if you dhc/xfactor into a better combo anyways, but i can’t get what op suggested to work :confused:

you can superjump cancel the S button into any special or hyper.

Seriously? :wow: Wow, thanks for the information, you learn something new everyday. I imagine this only works on hit?

can you super jump cancel normals?