Hulk combos?

I didn’t see any here, so I figured I’d post a good bread and butter (in my opinion).

Crouching L, standing M, Light Gamma charge (anti air, 3 hits) H follow up, standing L, crouching H, S , Air L, Air M, Air H, Air S.

You can follow the end with Gamma Tsunami, or if in the corner Gamma Quake for huuuuuuge damage.

Another is…

Air S, L, Crouching H, S, Air L, Air M, Air H, Air S. Hulks Air S and Air H can crossup, but it is very timing specific.

Hey man, thanks for trying to help out, but there is clearly a combo thread titled “You’re Puny Like BANNER! (Hulk Combo Thread).” Many of us have posted lots of great combos and info in there. To you and anyone else who may read this I recommend going in there and looking through the whole thread, it’s pretty great. Also, try and check if the combo you like has already been posted to keep down the clutter in the thread. Thanks.

I did an 1,180,300 damage combo with hulk earlier today, no x-factor, used 3 bars