Hugo shenanigans

Although some people might look down at shenanigans or even just the term itself, they have always been a part of SF and are always handy to have in your back pocket in a tight spot. They are probably frowned upon due to their reckless nature and this thread isn’t about justifying them as legitimate strategies, it’s about educating so people know when (and more importantly when not) to use them.

I’m sure we have all picked up a few tricks over the last weeks and have had relative success with a few of them.

First of all, here is a classic video by NKI to get you in the mood.


Ok so here are the shenanigans i have found or seen so far…

Charged monster lariat - Not really much of a shenanigan but due to the armor it really can have some nice applications outside of practical uses. Learn to dash out of it quickly and don’t be predictable. Best use is to charge if you sense a jump in coming and dash out if you need to. xx lp palm breaker X4 - It isn’t safe between the and clap but it is nice to lock someone down with, bait a reversal or set up a throw.

(On opponent’s wakeup) whiff palm breaker then SPD - Obvoiusly very unsafe but people have used this since 3rd Strike with relative success. Best used after training your opponent to block after clap strings.

Shootdown Backbreaker Corpse Hop - After a combo ending with shootdown backbreaker, do another straight after and you can land right next to your opponent, hopefully messing up the direction of their tech roll. Props to the guy who first posted about this in the other thread, been using this a fair bit especially when chasing someone with good runaway and a life lead.

What else have you guys found and what success have you had? This can include anything like tick set ups, counter hit set ups, frame traps, option selects etc.

The thing about Moster Lariat is that beat and trade most ultras, charge it in front of someone with meter and watch him waste him meter.

Also, people don’t know yet how to block HP.

Yeah i have beat a few character’s super using charged lariat. And if by HP you mean the overhead it is really good, as is Drop kick is definately more risky though as it’s a massive -21 frames on block. Surprisingly though it can go unpunished a lot if it hits at max range as Hugo will normally be too far away for pokes to hit him. Except chars like Dhalsim and Vega :slight_smile:

Umm, I would have to try it but with those -21 frames you can eat a lot of stuff if they dash in, at least they place themselves into pressure and Hugo with this slow moves is not good dealing with it, you either must go into coward mode jumping back with HK or risk a armour move or ex moonsault.

If my opponent does a bad switch cancel and I have meter, I just let the super rip.

What’s cool is that if it hits the partner trying to tag out, the animation of the super will go through and catch the opponent.

This isn’t reliable since Hugo’s super has little invulnerability.

Not sure if these would qualify as “shenanigans” or not but against people with bad reversal options I usually do a couple of things that have had good results:

  1. After two reps of cr.LK xx LP clap, I’ll do cr.LK, then wait a split second (so it doesn’t chain), cr.MK. I can’t tell you how many times people don’t see a third clap so they stand to back away and get tripped by the MK sweep. If they learn to jump back after the reps, you can use Backbreaker to punish the jump if done early enough. This can lead into…
  2. At just closer than mid-distance after a knockdown near the corner you can dash forward, then dash back once you see the roll and do a Moonsault Press on their wakeup. If timed correctly (especially an EX version), it swipes the opponent out of tons of normals, and if they backdash, depending on the character they won’t have time to punish or will be too far away. I’ve found this to be especially effective against people desperate to tag out (again, provided they have poor reversal options).

Also, this is something that only works against people either really desperate, stupid, or just unfamiliar with Hugo, but when they back off to raw tag I usually throw out his SPD + K move to run right up and grab the tagged-in character. After that, they’re most likely cornered so you can go back to pressuring with clap strings, MK sweeps, and have the EX backbreaker at the ready if they try to jump out.

I have used number 1 quite a lot too with great results. Also the meat squasher on a raw tagged in partner isn’t just a gimmick, it’s probably Hugo’s best option if he can’t reach them in time for BnB.

I would rather CHARGE a EX Lariat into SUPER against a raw TAGIN :slight_smile:

besides that the most scary shenanigans are is CLAP do it 3 times or do it 2 times and 360+KICK or do it one time and make aCROSSUP Jump 2 times for a pretty ambigious crossup and its gooing on all options are scarry like hell :slight_smile:

I’ve made some music just because people rage at my Hugo all the time:


But I’ll also contribute to this thread of course.

A cool 360+P Throw setup I’m using is to cancel or any cancellable normal into lariat and dash-cancel. After that I usually go for a 360. A couple of Scenarios where this method is good:

Jumping Splash (blocked) -> xx lariat xx dash -> 360
Jumping Splash (blocked) -> xx clap -> (or xx lariat xx dash -> 360 (poking) xx lariat xx dash -> 360

It goes without saying you could just do some tick -> 360 also:
close cr.lp (blocked or hit) -> 360
close cr.lp (blocked or hit) -> cr.lp -> 360

And other places where you might want to do a 360 + P, for mixup’s sake:

Jumping Splash (Blocked) -> 360
Jumping Splash (Hit) -> Delay a bit -> 360
Whiffed on wakeup -> 360
Whiffed on wakeup -> 360

And for 360 + K (Running body splash) these are some of the setups I do:

Clap (Hit or Block) -> 360 + K
Jumping Splash (blocked) -> xx lariat xx backdash -> 360+K
Jumping Splash (blocked) -> xx clap -> (or xx lariat xx dash(or backdash) -> 360+K (poking) xx lariat xx backdash -> 360 + K

Also I’ve found it to be pretty nice to do a techroll forward and do a wakeup EX 360, I’ve grabbed many a foes with that, because they always try to stuff my techroll.

if standing HP (overhead) hits you should cancel it into a raw launcher which will extend it to a tag-combo

I like to do:
crossup splash, cr.MP xx Lp palm. If it hits, I’ll do the regular followup cr.MP xx LK Lariat, blablabla
crossup splash, cr.MP xx Lp palm.If the opponent defends, i’ll do cr.MP xx Lariat xx dash cancel foward and 360+P

Caches a lot of people :smiley:

Edit: Damn, Charleon just post that same setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Crossup splash->c.lp->jump splash (crossup)
Crossup splash->>jump splash (not crossup)

These are really ambigious

Also, maybe someone could find some good setups for charge counterhit ->down down mk (For “stagger” state)
Claky D is using xx clap-> xx lariat->c.lp xx lariat charge to ex xx dash ->dow down mk
But if the opponent quick rises, he can punish your dash, and he can also get away by rolling.

You have enough time to CADC a CH off ultra throw, and it also puts them point blank in front of you with hard knockdown. It might work, given the opponent doesn’t opt for the wake-up roll.

EDIT: while I’m in the shenanigans thread, anyone find a good use for following lariat with LMH instead of the usual ender? Seems to only give an advantage if the opponent quick rises?


If you do ultra throw, CADC as fast as possible, then jump over the opponent, that might make them unable to roll? At least the original direction because you changed sides?

I recorded the dummy holding forward, and wasn’t able to cross-up fast enough to prevent the roll


Might not be worth it, but ex CADC after ultra throw will most definitly make you able to blow up their roll by jumping over in time, and gives you instant counterhit. It is a shenanigan atleast;)

Most I can get off ultra throw with one bar mid-screen is…

UT, OH, xx EX clap, mk BB (356)

With the shenanigan (assuming they wake up in crouch block)…

UT, EX CADC, corpse hop, CH OH, xx lp Clap, xx lk Lariat, xx mp Clap, mk BB (499)

So you get +143dmg if the shenanigan works, which probably isn’t worth the risk of eating a wake-up reversal switch cancel combo lol


I guess it depends on the opponent you play against, the opposing characters wake up options, and how much life he has left/you have left. When we first are talking about ex CADC sheningans: It is a viable (but expensive) option to throw in while trying to open up an opponent with xx lp clap loops, xx CADC -> splash/moonsault press etc.

I wouldn’t usually recommend someone to use meter on a mixup like that, but with Hugo’s amazing damage output and how he doesn’t really depend much on meter, I think ex CADC could be a good option to have in mind.

I can see where you’re coming from with opening a character up with clap pressure. It could possibly be a sick reset on hit also if they’re in down back and don’t react properly.

j.hp, xx lp Clap,, EX CADC, OH, etc.

Assuming the reset works, they just ate ~800dmg for 1 bar. Add in super with an Immense Power gem activated and its death haha