Hugo mirror money matches at evo

im down to play any hugo any amount up to 100, mirror match at evo world. if u would like to play for more we could arrange that as well. any takers?

i dont know if i’m going yet, but if i do, i’ll be more than glad to play you…:wink:

Good luck with him… I played him on live and he is f’ing ridiculous

aight coo.

ill play ya 2/3 for 10.

aight bet it.

anyone else?

so im guessing thats it?

lol, yeah… uh, goodluck against sandybags/sidewinder if he makes it. I’m sure you’ll do well :looney:

Trust me. Neiman is a monster of a Hugo. One of the best in the West. Don’t mean to cockride, but he’s certainly no pushover.

Man, if I were 100 percent sure I’d go, I would take Neiman’s offer without second thought, knowing I’ll get my ass handed to me like last time. He makes it a learning experience, heh.

If that’s the case then you guys better cap that shit.

If I go with enough funds to EVO, you know I’ll MM you Neiman. :tup:
Either way, i’ll see you there. :smile:

fuck yeah son.

ill take some MMs 2, not against Neiman tho, i play that foo aeverytime here at FFA.
besides him ill take on anyone, or if u guys want how about this, Hugo teams, me and Neiman, vs any other 2 Hugos, come on guys, lets do this shit.

good shit kevin.

we can get 2v2 hugo mirror money matches me/ray ramos vs whoever if anyone wants to do that as well.

i dont know if Henry Cen is going to evo but if he does i’m gonna ask him if can team-up with me for some Hugo mirror money matches against you 2…:tup:

ok we can get that poppin too.

well just so that we can find each other, i’ll be the black kid using black hugo (maybe or maybe not wearing glasses) just come find me when all the 3s mm’s are going down in the byoc. i’ll be calling out all mm’s at that time as well.

I’m sure neiman would crush them.


haha good shit rom!

anyone else? i only have like 3 money matches so far. THERE HAVE TO BE MORE HUGO PLAYERS OUT THERE THAN THAT!!

There prolly are, but not all of them are going to evo, homes.