Hugh M. Hefner Dead at 91

RIP to the OG Playboy.

Dudes could live to be 1000 and never get as much action as that guy.


I know hugh probably stopped having a working dick 30 years ago, but he lived a charmed life

He must have been a saint in a past life

Thank you Mr. Hefner…your magazines was a way of passage that eventually led me to hardcore porn media.

Rest in Power.

Oh, man. RIP. Hope his life in heaven is as charmed as it must have been down here.

To quote a friend.

Messed-up part was I was thinking about him when a series was being done about his job and stuff?
Like, surreal as fuck with that. Damn.

(makes a toast in remembrance) Even though, I only read them for the articles.

About fukkin time :bee: Fuck you Shug! Sure am jealous but IDGAF, hope the old bastard wasted his fortune on penis pills and ole Millie will need to throw herself out a window.

Sex kills. Let this be a lesson to all of you.

Actually…I think sex gave him a very long life.

Then why he ded?

beesuits stupid neet smashboydont shower ass

acting like he ain’t out there slanging sex too



RIP You fucking God of a Man.

So whens the movie?

back in the day before everyone had “the net” i had a issue of i think it was…Hustler magazine, yeah, it was hustler. Anywho…
in that issue of Hustler, the guy who owned it …forget his name, he had sex pictures of Hugh. since they had traded pics of themselves having sex with their employees at the time.
so i have seen naked pics of hugh hefner fucking this blazing super cute girl that looked no older than 18 when he was in his mid 40s maybe early 50s.
he had a great life.
also, i remember him mentioning on Charlie Rose, that when Playboy mag first started up…he had to take the government to court because the USPS, thats the post office, refused to ship Playboy via mail to subscribers because they had a no porn policy.
something like that.

RIP. your pimp hand will be remembered as one of the greatest.

RIP Hugh. You lived a life and had an empire Men would kill for, possibly do even worse just to have what you created.

Alas…in the age of the internet, your main appeal which was beautiful nude women eventually wasn’t relevant anymore. This while the main appeal, however wasn’t the only thing you had. You had class in those pages and in your TV show decades ago. Insightful information within various articles and a sprinkle of manly information in each issue. Something that is sorely missed in this day and age.

Damn. One by one the heroes go away. R.I.P. Heff. The man did his work and left when it was done.


R.I.P. to OG Hugh Hefner!!!

Sad sad sad news. Even though Playboy itself is dated as fucked, it really did change the world.

BRB, going to read some old Playboys for the articles memories