huge combos

What is the biggest combo in this game? I’ve seen a couple 13 hitters, or there any bigger than that?

My personal records are:
Super Turbo:
8 hits with Ken: Crossup forward, cr.short x 2 into super.

The same but i can reach a 9 hits combo if i manage to corner the opponent and i end it with a fierce dp juggle.

Other characters:
Deejay: 8 hits
Chun: 8 Hits
Ryu: 8 Hits

The biggest combo i’ve ever seen is a deejay combo:

crossup forward, cr. jab x 2, standing strong into super, then juggle with upkicks.

very nice combos philcito, do you remember how many hits the deejay combo you saw was?

idk about HDR but here a good amount of them(make sure to mute the music):

NKI has a couple cool high combo videos on the youtubes. Highly impractical of course:



that was very impressive, good advice on muting the music, lol

I friggin LOVE that shenanigansvid. I can’t get enough of it lol. Esp Chun Li stompin Sim to death, or Ken’s crossup Juice Tatsu, or Zangief’s 1 hit dizzy into Super KO. Very cool stuff in there.

It ain’t about combos, it’s about shenanigans!

Crazy kicks over corpse is my favorite. Can’t believe it wasn’t even in there.

yep the shenanigans are defintely amazing but my original question is what is the biggest combo in hdr? ive seen the 13 hitters are there any that are higher than that?

it’s the same for all the cast, just ken’s fierce dp juggle properties are different.

Swole… i don’t remember, was something like 10 hits.


Couple of training mode only 16 hits since they use multiple supers. I know of 10 hits with Chun, Boxer, DeeJay and Ken. With Ken you can get up to 13 if you are lucky since I believe the fierce tatsu into super doesn’t always combo, even on speed 0.

And i finally found it, this is an old video(2008) by capcom, some of those combos are possible on ST, some others don’t, sorry i was wrong about my comment that all hdr huge combos are possible on ST.

Now… ST ladies and ladies lol


here some 15 hit combos:

that must be the craziest video i’ve ever seen

wow that was incrediable

Man, haven’t seen that one in a long time. Definitely one of my favorite ST combo vids!

Some Chun’s aerial attack into wrong-direction cl.Strong (pushes enemy towards Chun) into rapid-fire st.Jabs, cr.Jab xx super + upkicks should give a lot of hits.