Huge Batch of Evo 2009 Photos

Hey, everyone.

I finally decided to stop being lazy this year and I finally made my whole Evo 2009 Photo Collection public. I had always meant to go through them all and add titles to them all and such, and weed out the bad pictures, but laziness finally won over, and I’m just putting them out there as they are. Maybe some day I’ll actually go through and update the photos with titles and descriptions and such, but I’d rather have them out there for people to see than not to see.

It’s the five sets on the top row, obviously. Enjoy!

  • James

I can’t find myself in any of these. EVEN IN THE FINALS DAY PICTURES! Shame on you, James.


Thanks for the pics. Any chance you are doing an Evo Wrap-Up article this year? The previous ones have been some great reads.

Thanks James!

i was gonna pain stakingly search every photo for myself… buuuuuuuut i decided to stop once i found myself in the picture titled Day 1: trying out mvc … dig it