HTML for Beginners: Basic codes

Sup guys, I have this basic assignment I gotta do for this computer class where I go find a webpage and put links such as html 1, html, 2, html 3. The problem is I have all my codes but they do not work whenever I go and paste it in the edit section or when I upload it. I have tried everything but nothing works.

I use WEBS.COM by the way. Here is what it looks like when I go to copy and paste my code to make a link named HTML 1… it turned out all messed up.

Home - Web 102 << this is what it supposed to look like…

Home - WEB 102 HOMEPAGE << this is what my turned out to be…

I just need help with how to make the links like his. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.:sad::shake:. I appreciated if I could get some pointers. Thanks yo.

looks like you need to close your tags bro or somethin like that i am not an internet wizard

^ its cool man. thx for trying. Anyway, this is what my codes look like when I put it in each section.

<a href=“”>HTML 1</a> <<<this is for HTML 1
<a href=“”>HTML 2</a> <<<this is for HTML 2
<a href=“”>Resume</a> <<<this is for Resume
<a href=“”>Final Project</a> <<<this is forFinal Project

im trying to find friends online that know this stuff but none of them are on right now. :(. I know I’m missing something, just can’t figure it out. :frowning:

Source shows you’re using entity codes instead of < and >.

It’s says this: <a href="

Instead of this: <a href="

I’m guessing the characters are converted when you made the upload. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is what I’ve always used. They have HTML editors you can change and show results. May work better.

  • those Links need to be saved in a source code editor, not the design view editor. The rendering is off because you pasted these HTML tags in the WYSIWYG editor that you have decided to use. It thinks that those greater than and less than finishers are meant to be displayed. As a matter of fact, this entire project doesn’t look like it was meant to be done in a editor provided by the hosting service or wherever you throwing this directly. That’s why you have those extra links around and the page doesn’t match up.

yeah what bear said