Hsien Ko (Leilei) strats and combos for Vampire Savior

Anybody got any good high-low combos, and strings they’d like to share?

I don’t think many people here are qualified to talk about VS, (including me) since the game is hardly played in the US at all.

However, did you catch B-IzM’s latest flood of VS movies? (posted on SRK about a month ago I think?) It was footage from some recent japanese tournament, it had high level hsien-ko play there as well.

Not sure if the thread is still around or if the webpage is still active, but I can send you some of these videos if you need them.

I have the one vid w/ lei-lei.

I can send ya too…

and lei lei and all the other characters are suppose to be played rtsd right? cuz of damage and whatnot? I think though, lei lei is an excellent zoner, tho… I"m just a US player…

Hit me up on IRC and I can send you Hsien-Ko stuff.
look for me on #capcom or #gamecombos on EFnet.

Could we transfer, via AIM/ICQ/MSN instead? I’m not too familiar with Mirc. ^_^; If that’s ok w/you. PM me for details.