HRAP3 Turbo Panel Mod

I’ve been looking for info here and just about anywhere I could find subjects about it as to what’s best to use for mods. What I’ve found so far is mostly 24mm on the sides which I’ve been using but I’m looking to do something different for future mods. I found some info on the repurposing of the Home Panels for MC sticks which is awesome. I was trying to find some buttons for admin functions and so far it’s either 24mm or the arcade test board buttons that come in 12mm and 16mm. Although I rather keep it looking akin to the actual arcade hardware, what I’ve found for plastic buttons just doesn’t really work for me. I’d like to find some buttons that you can use on top of a HRAP and not look out of place per se.

I’ve been looking around and so far I’ve run into this…

It’s 12mm there is also a black version of it, also there are different variations of it, flat, rounded, concave, with a LED lights and what have you. The metal copuld be a little too much? At least it goes with the carriage bolts? Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe share some picks with your admin button setup?

Make sure you get momentary push buttons and not a latching (on/off) switch.

Thanks for noting that, I should have been clearer. Also if looking into illuminated you’d have to look for 5v I suppose.

Some these vandal buttons LEDs are 5 volt some are 12, be careful

I find it cute that you call them “admin” buttons.

I know Hibachi has done a few hrap mods with some kind of low-profile momentary pushbuttons, but i’m not sure how to find those pictures/buttons :frowning:

Shmup stick completion~ -SUZO 500 modified with Custom Shaft for Japanese Balltop and shaftcover by @arcadestatic ( and 25gf Omron microswitches
-12mm Anti-vandal...

For the record I got a Latching LED Vandal button as a Power (on/off) button for my Super Gun.

Its latching so it’s a On/off switch rather than a momentary button and the LED is a 12 volt LED.
I used it to power and cut 120 volts to the Arcade Power Supply inside that provides +5V, -5V, +12V and Ground.

Yes Negative volts is a thing.

Thanks Torta that’s exactly what I was aiming for, I’m pretty sure the button used on that stick are the same as the ones I posted a pic of in the OP. I’m glad Hibachi was very specific as I was wondering if I should go for 16mm or 12mm, 12mm being easier due to being 1/2" and all. As for calling them buttons “admin” I dunno, figured that’s what they are called, maybe “menu” buttons? Some of the buttons have a more domed actuator, I was wondering how those buttons would look given the carriage bolts on the HRAPs, maybe a good match?

@DS Yes, I’ll make sure to get momentary 5v (if LED) buttons for sure.

Thank you both for the insight.

Update on the subject. Funny enough after looking around for the buttons, my pal DEZALB gets me in touch with Hibachifinal and I end up getting the same stick that was mentioned above. Coincidence? Destiny? It was certainly meant to be!

I respectfully changed a few things, solely 'cause I wanted to keep the white case it came with in nice shape without extra holes, this other HRAP case is my beater upper from old projects and it fits it well.

On another note, next case to be drilled with 4 buttons will be spread to 2 on each side and the Neutrik towards the middle without blocking access to the center M5 carriage bolt. 4 Buttons on a row away from sight can be cumbersome sometimes.

Forgive the couplings though, I just had to…:(, I’ll revise it later with a nice wire job.

Also I got my hands on some 10mm vandal buttons for the HRAP3 Turbo Panel, all is left to do is install a LED and a slide switch, just waiting on some parts to try out…

Here’s a rundown…

HRAP3 Turbo panel mod. Basically just removing the PCB and parts and replacing them with mini vandal buttons 10mm. With this you can pretty much turn your HRAP3 (PS3) into whatever you want.

The buttons look good with the M5 carriage bolts and there’s very minimal modding to the case. As you can see in the 3rd pic, I just cut the middle and end tabs, all 3 tabs must be cut, however do not cut the front and back plates as to keep that extra support.

You can cut the hole assembly underneath if you want to but I’d advice against it just in case you ever want to revert back tthe panel back to stock.

Next I have to source a small enough LED and a slide switch, this way the panel is completely functional and you can set the LED and slide switch to whatever you like.

Slide switches are really innexpensive, I just ahve to find the right size, same for the LED, if anyone has any ideas please LMK, I’m all ears!



Another update…

Took the HRAP2 CP and used the HRAPOG color scheme but it looks more like HRAPOGvB except for the button layout of course. The case is a T5 case that I already drilled a home button for so it worked out great as I didn’t have to drill another HRAP case. Really hate drilling them, even for the Neutrik, call me crazy but it just feels wrong…I know I am crazy.

OK unto the subject…

3mm Green LED
2 Position Mini Slide Switch.
Both hot glued as to avoid being intrusive with the turbo panel housing in case things need to be reverted back to stock for X or Y reason.
10mm mini vandal momentary NO buttons
Pretty straight forward to be honest, no skill required, at less soldering it’s a skill mind you.
Hori 24mm Sanwa microswitch Touchpad key on the top side of the case.
A-B Neutrik.
UFB Brook.

Here are some pics of the results, please forgive the quality and the lighting. As always wiring could be better and I have yet to hook the slide switch as I want a 3 position switch, I just wanted to size things and see it in action, I found this 2 position switch and I just knew it was gonna fit, while all the 3 position slide switches I found were too big for the job. I might just wire it to LS and DP respectively if I don’t score the 3 position slide switch I need.

Edit: Changed the thread title as to reflect the main subject.

Bumping this thread because it’s better than my thread on the subject. Do you remember what size of switch you needed for the control panel? I cant decide if I want a 3 position switch to select my input stick or a tourney lock - will probably go for the 3 position since I don’t wanna put too much strain on the hot glue (and it’ll be there mostly for looks and my OCD, lol. Also do you remember where you got the tiny buttons from?

I was at an electric supply shop and after going through all the switches this was the smallest they had. I should have kept the packaging but it was very vague to begin with. I ended up using the 2 position switch as a kill switch for all non action buttons, works well enough, although I would have preferred a 3 position switch to go along with the legend on the casing, still a possibility with enough luck.

I’m in the process of doing yet another mod to a HRAP3SA on a white case with pink buttons, gonna be painting the turbo panel casing white with vinyl die to match the HRAP case and then repeat the mod I did in this thread. Currently I’m in the same pickle you are…what size is that damn slide switch?! I’m not undoing the other mod just to pull the switch. I just ordered some 4mm slide switches, they were very inexpensive so I’m hoping for the best. They are still 2 position as I couldn’t source a 3 position that small. If everything works accordingly I’ll update here and make sure I measure the switch in detail. Also you’re more than welcome to a switch if you’re interested since I’ll have switches to spare.

I got the mini vandal buttons from ebay, some Chinese reseller, very inexpensive but it took a while to get here. There are other 10mm mini buttons that would work, some are plastic with different colors but the chrome buttons are a bit more neutral, go in par with the M5 carriage bolts making it look like it was meant to be that way.

So if anyone else wants to try this, I found the parts on Aliexpress:

Gonna use a low profile button for the home key, and high profiles for the rest.

Nice find!