HRAP3 Question

so i just got a HRAP3 and i opened it up to put in an octagon restrictor plate. i was also looking at some of the buttons and i swear Hori puts in Sanwa buttons? im just saying the Sanwa buttons that are in the HRAP3 are not the same ones as my TE. the ones in my TE says Sanwa on the buttons but the ones in the HRAP3 dont say anything. well thats not really the problem. the problem is i was pressing the buttons on the HRAP3 and 2 of them got stuck. i know how to fix it (by reopening the whole thing and pushing out the buttons from the inside) but im just saying, is there anyway to fix this? i dont want to have to keep opening up the HRAP3 every time it gets stuck (as its so much longer to open the HRAP3 than the TE). i was thinking of putting some lube inside the buttons or something. or maybe i should just switch the buttons altogether?

and another question. what is the fastest and easiest way to open up the spring in the joystick? when it was the stock spring it was really easy to open up but i put in a custom spring and now its harder to open it since the spring was a little bigger than the stock. any help?

The buttons are not the same. Open up the button and clean the microswitch with a q-tip. No reason why it should be getting stuck. If you’re still having issues, then replace.

Fastest way to open up, is a flat head screwdriver. Make sure to hold down the actuator with one hand. Use one with a narrow flathead to wedge it against the shaft and pry it. It’s really fast.

thanks. i always thought Hori was made with Sanwa buttons. luckily i bought new buttons for my TE so i still have the extra Sanwa buttons that it came with. i think im put it in.

HRAP3 uses Hori buttons not Sanwa

hrap 3 doesn’t come stock with sanwa button

HRAP 3 has a Sanwa stick with Hori Buttons

The HRAP 3 SA has all sanwa parts.

HRAP 3 does use not Sanwa Buttons.
The HRAP 3 SA does use Sanwa Buttons.