HRAP3 Modding

Hi there,

I am kinda new to the forums and I am very interested in getting my HRAP3 modded. I am at University so I honestly don’t want to fork out more money for several other arcade sticks. I wish to expand the support of my stick and get a 360 and PSone PCB inside it so it is compatible with those platforms.

I’ve got Sanwa buttons and a new Ball handle from Gremlin Solutions and because I like the colour blue, I also want to change the appearance with a new face for it, I found a template for it and designing it right now. There is a template I found for the HRAP2 but wanted to know if it is pretty much the same layout as HRAP3? It looks the same only the button placements are different, the measurements look the same but I don’t want to mess it up.

On the designing topic, does anyone know where I can find images of the PS Buttons? Not like from a photo of a controller but something that shows the actual appearance of the buttons like in this online manual for Tekken 5. The yellow arrows show what I mean. For the L and R buttons, if someone could find flat button images like if the buttons had some rectangle appearance, that would be fine! I want to put next to the buttons on the arcade stick fascia the PS button and the images for Low Punch next to the Square and X (360 button) button, Medium Punch next to Triangle and Y (360 Button) button…you get the picture?

Is there any particular materials I need for a new cover for the HRAP3? Is there anyone in the U.K that could mod it for me? I am willing to pay to get the stick modded as I don’t wish to ruin the stick at all.

I apologize if this is the wrong thread to discuss this in but I really would like this done to my Arcade Stick!

Many Thanks in Advance

can u post your hrap2 template plz?


i too am going to mod my hrap 3

There ya go!