HRAP3 modding question

So my bro picked up a hrap 3 for cheap and wants me install a brook universal board in it for him. The mod is pretty straight forward, but my only issue since i wont have the hrap3 infront of me until the weekend is will i be able to keep the home button panel intact and working if im pulling the orginal hrap3 pcb? I tried to look it up, but seems most hrap 3 threads are dead or the pic links are dead. is it part of the main pcb is the home/turbo buttons on a sub pcb?
Seems like most ppl just end up drilling a new home button in the back, id like to avoid doing this if possible, i have the tools, but just was hoping for a quick drop in mod with minor soldering. Not trying to spend alot of time on it.

Might depend on the console the HRAP 3 is for? I’m not sure myself; I’ve only ever modded an HRAP 3 once for a client.
The one I modded had the Home/Turbo PCB to be the actual PCB.
If that’s the case with yours, you’d just need to tap into an existing solder point to the Home button, then connect that and the Gnd/Vcc wires between the existing PCB and the Brook UFB, and you’re done.

I modded the Hrap 3 before, but the ones that came to me had dead PCBs and I got rid of the guide/turbo area anyways with a nice Plexy top.

It’s for the ps3 version. Sounds simple enough, guess I’ll know once I open her up this weekend. As far as the current USB cord on the pcb, I can just desolder it end of story , right?

Dark- yeah a plexi is probably something he will get further down the road. He just wants get the stick up and running asap so he can play some kof and sf

The Hrap 3 is the PS3 version, the 3 denotes that it is for the PS3.
The Xbox 360 version is the Hrap EX.

Yes, you can desolder the USB cord from the Hrap 3 PCB.