HRAP3 + Brook UFB Issues

I just installed a universal board into my bros hrap 3. I kept the turbo panel active so I can use the home , R3 and L3 buttons
The stick works but I’m having an issue.
It works on all the PS menus but when I play sfv I can select my character but the screen that pops up so I can choose costume and color doesn’t seem to detect my stick. It won’t move at all. If I use another controller to get past that the stick will work fine in game until I change characters.

Also on xboxone it works, but I noticed on tekken tag 2 if you go to controller setting it’s showing RS as active for movement. I have to set it off but even then if I try map a button it will just activate RS as movement and won’t even recognize that I’m pressing a different button. I didn’t wire up RS. Does anybody know what it might be?

ping @GOGO.Zippy

Did u update the firmware?
I think sony just realeased an update aswell so brook might need to patch their fw aswell.

I had a similar experience and it was because my R3/RS button was stuck and always active. It wasn’t on a UFB but a TE2+. You can check if any of your buttons are stuck on a PC