HRAP2 pcb in TE?

can the two co-exist? i wanna know before i decided to rip both apart and fiddle around with it…

any guides or can anyone point me in the direction i need to go to get this running?

Edit: Okay i read through alot of threads and found the 3-5v and ground, worked my way with the buttons and got it working (go me!) one tiny hiccup.

My R1 won’t work on my ps3, when im using it as a ps2 pad, so i connected it to my PC to see if it had the same problem.

well went to the Test function under game controllers and seems my R1 is stuck…???

sigh any help on that? the button is fine swapped it out with another i had laying around, still showing that its being pressed… dissasembled the button… and guess what?! still being pressed… of course i disconnect one of the wires and presto its off, but now i cant use it(only when im trying to play ps2 games), can anyone tell me what i might have done wrong?