Hrap1 / jamma toggle switch question


Please help , a few months ago i modded 2 HRAP1’s with DB-15’s for my jamma/project boxes (see pics)
while they work great with most things i seem to be having some PCB confilts with my 360 madcatz PCB project box
which makes the stick do strange things from time to time

Anyway i was wondering would it be pos for me to add a rocker/toggle swith to my stick
so i could disable the hori pcb inside the stick when using it on my project boxes or jamma ?
if so how would i acheive this ? sorry but i just cant get my head round what i need to do ?

Any help would be great thanks

in which setup is it having problems? when you have the 360 plugged in or when the jamma is plugged in?

Is the hrap1 board given power when either the 360 or jamma is plugged in?

Hi mate , the problem i have is when i connect my stick to my 360 project box via the DB15 connector , the PS2 PCB is not powered at the time but obviously the 360 PCB is

It will do strange things from time to time like activate the start button by itself , it dosnt do this when i use it for jamma , maybe i have a faulty madcatz PCB , im going to build a 2nd project box tomorrow and try that , but im pretty sure the 2 PCBs are confilting somehow . could be wrong though :shake:

theres your problem. the ps2 board needs to have power too.

I’ve done some ps2->360 dual mods before. I can easily tell if I forgot to power all the boards when I test on the ps2. If I hold down 3 or more buttons the game will reset.

oh ok , how would i get round powering both PCB’s :slight_smile:

You make one of the pins in the Db15 be power, and connect it to the power pin of the HRAP pcb.
Or yank out the HRAP pcb and put it in a project box too.

first you need to find which pin on the ps2 board is the power. take a multimeter and use the continuity tester to find out. Place one probe on the middle pin of the ps2 plug and the other probe along the pinouts on the ps2 board. When you hear the multimeter buzz, you’ve found it. Now you need a wire going from that pin to the 5v line on the 360 controller and jamma.

ok :slight_smile: that seems quite simple . thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

so id need to connect a wire to the 5v on the 360 pcb as pictured here

also on my DB15 connector i have pin 8 left (and its the 5v line) like here

then connect a wire to that and then find the 5v on the hori pcb and just connect that wire to that ?

all done ?

That 5v line on the DB15 wont damage my arcade PCBs when connected to my supergun at all will it ?


sounds straigh forward :rock: it wont affect my supergun and arcade game PCBs at all though will it ?


as long as you dont have it plugged into a ps2 and the 360/jamma at the same time.

ahh good good , no ill make sure not to do that , thanks for all your help :wgrin:

Well i done both my sticks yesterday , seem to both be working fine at the mo but havnt tested for long peroids of time yet

I found that on the HRAP1 PCB the power line was the yellow wire , thats the one that matches up to the middle PS2 port pin ,

How i got round wiring it was solder a wire to the front of the pcb and then hot glue it to the PCB so it wont move around , also there is a very handy solt in the left side of the PCB which is just big enough to solt a wire into (its like they knew i was going to wire this PCB this way) . connected that wire to my pin 8 on my DB15 and seems to be fine , havnt tested it on my supergun yet , ill have to do that soon though

Thanks again Gummowned & Toodles

hi , me again :slight_smile: im still having a problem with one of my sticks , (havnt tested the other one properly yet) ive double checked the PCB is getting power and it deffinitly is but my start button is randomly coming on by its own from time to time when connected to my madcatz project box ? ive checked the obvious and havnt noticed anything , ill have another look again soon .

Nothing anyone else can think of ?:crybaby: