Ok, I know a few people would go for the latter albeit for true feeling of an arcade cab and customization of stick/button color scheme (hence the hrap thread) however, if your going with the following set up (ls-32-01 & ps-14-gx) parts for the latter, why bother if it’s already pre-installed in the SE? I’m thinking it’s due to the fact that we do what we want (MOD) but, I would think the SE would also be set up in that configuration. Correct if I’m wrong as I’m a n00b to both and planning on buying either/or. what do you guys think?:confused: :sweat:

I’m pretty sure you’d be hard pressed to get an SE from anywhere other than in japan, and even then they’re rare. the hrap2, while only available in japan, can still be imported. so it’s more or less an availability (and price) factor. the SE and SA versions were if i remember around $40 more

well elsewhere in the threads, supposedly they’ll be receiving some SE; who know’s :confused: we’ll have to wait and see.

I bought an HRAP 2 and modded it with Seimitsu parts because:
A) HRAP SE’s are nearly impossible to find…
B) The last time I saw one for sale, it was almost twice the price of an HRAP 2, and…
C) I needed a Sanwa stick anyway for another project and figured I might as well just use the one that came with the HRAP 2.

I think someone (Harry, Cuellar) mentioned that they’d be getting HRAP SA’s and SE’s in at VGO…I think you already know that, though. All I can say is that if you want one it’s probably just a matter of being patient. Then again, I want a SA really badly as well and can hardly wait myself. I’d settle for a RAP2, though if they can’t get the SA.

I agree with you proverb and yes, I too am the patient type thus resulting in the arrival of SE’s if applicable (hopefully they’ll receive it with the HRAP 2 orders, we can only hope and be patient) Thanks for the replies though everyone as I like the input /feedback of what other individuals would go for. I just figured hell if you’re going to invest in seimitsu, you’ll probably wind up paying close to what a HRAP SE would cost alone after modding your HRAP 2 with seimitsu parts.

TheRealNeoGeo for awhile was able to order HRAP SAs and possibly SEs some time back, dunno if he still can though. But he also runs Akihabarashop which can get you all the Seimitsu (and Sanwa) parts you need for anything.

I could get the SA`s before yes, but it was only temporary.
According to HORI they will resell HRAP2 31 of March and that you have to order before that to be certine you get one (or as many as you want): (the red text).

Where have you guys seen anything about SA and SE selling at HORI? I will talk to my contact…

I’ve talked to Harry over the phone TRNG, and he said that VGO network had to special order those sticks in bulk in order for Hori to make another set of them and it will be the last Hori will be making of those sticks too. However HRAP1s and HRAP2s will be more readily available.

Aha. But it sound strange that HORI would make one last special order and ship it just to USA.
And according to HORI the HRAP2 will be sold last time 2006/03/31, after that it will not be sold anymore.

How many did they order?

No more HRAP2’s? Damn, I wish I took better care of mine now.

oh man, now’s the time for all of us who missed out especially if harry is going to order the SE"s. But TRNG is right, why only the states? (something for us to think about) I mean, don’t get me wrong as our community is big and have a high demand for them but you would figure we’re like the the big mac of connisseurs of these items rather than the monster western burger that is japan (albeit they take these sticks much more into consideration and are readily availble for them, lucky shitters) while we’re left using scrub cheapo wannabe T5 hori that are $100 if bought @ store or world wide swap meet (ebay) or lucky enought to find someone local.

According to HORI they will resell 21st of April?:

So can u still get HRAP 2’s TRNG ??? :wonder:

I will have to ask what the h**l is going on with HORI first, seems like they change their minds every other day…completly mental thees geezsers.