HRAP SA Help!!

I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro SA for the PS2 bought it from Ebay and found the L2 button did not work
I opened it up and realized that the connector for the L2 button was broken off
I have a couple of questions:
1.) Do I just order this button “OBSF-30” or will it benefit me to replace all buttons with this “OBSF-30RG” from the website listed here
2.) Can this button be fixed without ordering a new button?
3.) Where can I buy a inPin Convertor to use with my PS3?

And what other mods can I use to freshen it up or make it perform better I am getting used to the SquareGate but sometimes the balltop gets unscrewed and is about to fall off after a couple of sessions. What Can I do to keep it on securely…??

  1. You can just replace that single button with another OBSF-30 if you want to swap out the whole button. If you want to go with the RGs, it’s entirely possible to do it now if you feel you’re going to be using your joystick a whole lot.
  2. You can replace the microswitch itself. It’s a Sanwa SW-68.
  3. Get your inPin Converter here:

edit: Torque on your balltop to your joystick by slotting a flathead screwdriver at the bottom of the joystick shaft and turning your joystick balltop to tighen.

  1. I would replace all buttons, might feel weird if you have mixed buttons. Also, if another button breaks you’ll have replacements.
    (If you live in the U.S consider

  2. I have no idea

  3. Ebay?

You should try soldering to the little tab that is left on the button, then you dont have to buy anything. OBSF-30RG is pretty pricy but are pretty nice I must say.
If you only need a switch I can send one to you for free.

Put some loctite on it.

THanks for the Help I live in the U.S.
Is there any U.S. suppliers for the OBSF-30RG? since I am going to be using the joystick for a while and might build an arcade in the future

You’re going to have to order from akihabara. LL does not sell RG’s.

Is there any other retailer that sells RG’s the wait from Akihabara is real long

I have already sent a switch to you for free.
We order new parts tomorrow so if you want OBSF-30RGs just let me know.

Sent you a PM Neo

I also have a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Stick Standard for the PS3 will the OBSF-30RG fit or will there be clearance issues?