HRAP question

Hi i have seen the hrap 1 and 2 and noticed that the buttons are different placing… i was wondering which one is the one with the real arcade placing and does it really make much of a difference


The HRAP 1 is the Neo Geo Candy Cab layout, except doubled.

HRAP 2 is virtually everything else.

i see… i was thinking of getting a hrap2 but they seem to be sold out everywhere i checked… does anyone know any sites that STILL has them available brand new

For the HRAP2 layout look at p1 astro city panel. The closest layout to the HRAP1 that I know of is p2 on Taitos egret 29.

EDIT: There in stock here -

wow thanx for the pictures and a link chikadee… was wondering if anyone knows how reliable is this site? has anoyne bought stuff from here