HRAP Pro.V 隼 - HORI Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa

I’m in Japan right now and I stumbled across this.


I did a little research and it looks like a great stick for a great price, and as for buying one, the time seems to be now.


I probably won’t be using it at all for a while though - at least until Tekken 7 hits consoles (at which point I’ll have to buy a PS4 as well), so I’m wondering if it’s worth the buy.

Would it get cheaper if I buy it 6-12 months from now (keeping in mind I won’t be in Japan at that point)?
Would a new, better stick be released in that time?
How good is the stick out of the box? Would I have to meddle with it at all? Should I?
Does it have any glaring, deal-breaking problems I should know about?


I saw this on YAJ today and was wondering if there was a new stick I didn’t know about. I thought about grabbing one but thought we were still on HRAP 4’s. Did Hori sneak out a new one on us?

From what I know this stick was released in Feb 2015 and is only available in Japan (currently?). I’ve seen a few people around the forums here claiming to have bought this and/or the silent version from amiami.

It isn’t a new stick. Its already out in the US.

tech Talk already knows about it for a while and its detailed in this thread

Please keep in mind the V in Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa stands for Vewlix as in it has a Vewlix layout.
Hori does not do Roman Numerals, so that V is not a 5 (Five).

It’s functionally the same as the U.S. HRAP V4 kai. The art is the only difference(red/black/silver vs black/grey/silver. The buttons are slightly moved from the JP RAP4. The Kuro buttons are also supposedly a newer revision than the older sticks used.

The JP market v4 is an older model. All the select/start/home/turbo/switches are on the front, and there is no touchpad where select/start buttons are on madcatz fightsticks for the ps4 version.

The silent versions

All links are for information and picture reference only. These listings are ALL JP versions.

Thanks for the links and info, exactly what I was after. I guess it would be a good idea to pick it up now since the price is pretty reasonable and I can save on shipping, even if I won’t be using it straight away.

Also the Kai version there’s more space between the buttons and stick lever than the regular V Hayabusa.

Actually the button spacing is the same on the JP v5 and the NA v4 kai. I guess they added the kai to differentiate it from the last model design JP v4(HoriUSA is 1 version number behind. Shades of Shin Sangoku Musou)

The thread with the pros/cons said that this stick would have plexi art on Tek Innovations by early-mid 2015, but I don’t see this model on there. Is it the same as the HRAP 4 Kai, or one of the others?

The V Hayabusa and 4 Kai have different spacing between the stick and buttons, no such thing as a V5, that’s just a mistake some sellers make. V is for Vewlix layout, 4 is PS4, Kai is wider spacing between the stick a buttons.

No like it’s been said the V Hayabusa and 4 Kai have different spacing so the plexi from Tek-innovation will not fit the stick you posted.

Hopefully they’ll put out something that fits soon, then. Like I mentioned before, I’m still new to all of this so I’m not too sure about all of this, but it does look like a solid purchase. If possible, it would be great if the points I mentioned earlier could be addressed.

It’s a good stick with arcade quality parts and a good price plus you’re new to arcade sticks so it’s a good buy, later on if you want to experiment you can buy different parts because in the end buttons and the stick lever are all preference or you might want to keep it stock because it feels just fine to you and your needs.

All right, that sounds like solid advice. I’ve been leaning towards buying it anyway. Someone else said “if you don’t mind hori parts, go for it”, which makes me wonder if there’s some problem with them. Most of the parts seem to be replaceable anyway though, so I don’t think it would be a huge, unavoidable issue, but if HORI parts are an issue for some reason, I’m not against looking at other sticks. It looks to me like just preference, though, like you said.

TIL. Superimposed an image of the JP V and the NA 4 kai

You just proved my point, look at your photo, look where the 2 ball tops on the sticks are, like I said the Kai stick lever is further from the buttons, the V Hayabusa is closer like Vewlix cabinet layouts.

He did do that to prove your point, though, lol. I take it the HRAP 4 Kai is the one where the stick is further from the buttons? From that picture, the stick and buttons look awfully close on the HRAP V Hayabusa.

Yes, the HRAP 4 KAI is the more solid image, while the v from Japan is the ghost(layer with only about 50% opacity). They moved the stick to the left and the buttons a bit towards the user it looks like.

Keep in mind that there’s no “HRAP V5” (yet, anyways); that is just a result of poor naming/interpretation by some sellers on listings, and unfortunately has spread like wildfire.

The v4 and V in Japan use different ABS housings. V probably means both Vewlix and 5. For confirmation one way or the other, you’d have to ask Hori Japan or wait to see what the next product in the line is named.


Probably best not to speculate this without solid evidence…
Either way, there is still no official “V5” naming by Hori at the moment; so that notation shouldn’t be used to avoid any further confusion.

Absolutely. They kind of screwed up their own naming conventions with the “V隼” models.