Hrap panel to black. suggestions?

Id like my hrap panel to be plain black. Preferably with a matte finish so it doesnt get all the fingerprints like the hrap ex.
Would be great if I could find some sort of decal that had the same texture as a astro city panel. Any suggestions?

You can get a polycarbonate print from for about $40.

Control Panel Custom Design

If you upload a 10inx16in .psd of solid black it should work. The texture is relatively matte, non glossy and not reflective.

I’ve went to them twice for some of my arcade sticks. Here is one.

I can powder coat it for you I did my Hrap matte black and it turned out great I can also cover remove two buttons if you prefer a 6 button layout you never have to worry about anything like scratches or smudges