HRAP or X-Arcade stick

I’ve used the Hori arcade stick for the 360 and I thought it was a pretty damn good arcade stick, and now I’m thinking of purchasing one for the PS2, but I heard that the X-arcade stick is really good and since both are about the same price, i’m not sure which one to purchase…

Your thoughts?

It depends on your own preferences. You really can’t go wrong with either of them, but keep in mind each is designed differently (button layout, sticks, etc) However, I know the HRAP is easily modifiable, but am not sure about the X-arcade. Overall, checkout the button layout your most comfrotable with (straight vs curved etc…) Hope I helped somewhat :woot:

In short, X Arcade sucks. Mas for American sticks and HRAP is you like japanese. I believe we have enough of these threads and if you just search for it, you will find similar threads with answers.

K thanks for the info, well I thought the X-arcade stick was good because a lot of people say it is, but i’ve never used one so i can’t have a valid personal opinion on it, but i do like the HRAP so I’ll think of buying that one instead.

btw, I know this is going to sound noobish as hell, but what does happ stand for? lol sorry i dont really know much about arcade sticks since i’m barely starting to use them.

Happ is a company that produces American arcade parts. Sanwa and Seimitsu are the top companies that produces arcade parts in Japan

X-arcade = inexplicable input lag

HRAP = money, sex, fast cars, a sandwich and all the other cool shit men want.

X-Arcade sucks, and I’m telling you this from personal experience since there’s a dual X-Arcade control panel at my workplace, cheap Happ Super knock off, concave buttons, cheap keyboard PCB, horrible button layout, everything on it plain sucks.

You’re unlikely to find many people with that opinion here.

Don’t know about you guys, but I have an x-Arcade dual panel modded with real Happ parts, and it works fine. No lag on Ps2 or 3 via Pelican converters, most likely cause they updated the PCB. But you should still go for the Hrap, it’s just a much better controller overall.

I think this quote should some up the X-Arcade:

Also the case sucks too. Why the fuck are there two buttons below the standard street fighter layout?

Yeah, X-Arcade sucks. Their parts are faulty as fuck and their customer service sucks anal prolapse.

Some unfortunate friends of mine bought that weak shit, and I had to mod em up with ps one PCBs, a new joystick and buttons…

the only people i know of that said x-arcade is good are scrubs.

Yea, X-arcades are only good for casual or scrubby play. I used to have one back when I didn’t know what stick was good. Hraps are the way to go :tup: More responsive and your able to pull things off more consistently.

HRAP doesnt exist for 360 does it?

No, closest thing is the EX2 which I hear works really well once modded with sanwa parts. FYI, gonna do this sometime in the next two months with Akuma001.

You’re words are 100 percent true. I only use the xArcade with my friends who “think” they’re good, but really suck overall. They think they can enter tourneys and shit, but I tell them otherwise. It’s a cheap 2 player option, so I didn’t see why not to get it. Besides a Virtua Stick Pro, which is probably more expensive and impossible to find. Thats why I just got myself a personal Sanwa Stick so I can practice and actually take to tourneys, and actually have a good stick.

I was just suprised that I sold them on ebay for what I paid for them back about 3 years ago. :bgrin: Fortunately there are lots of scrubs on ebay

whats the best stick for marvel?

or MAS sticks good?