HRAP EX mod problem

I’ m not sure if the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT is broke or not . I will explain , first a pic:

Let’s assume:

1-2 = Up a-b = Up
3-4 = Right c-d = Right
5-6 = Down e-f = Down
7-8 = Left g-h = Left

When i connect 1-2 to a-b The stick goes up
With 1-2 and a-b Connected i then go for 5-6/e-f and the stick goes up and down.
When i connect 3-4/c-d with 5-6/e-f and 1-2/a-b Connected all goes wrong , the same with the 8 connected cables.

My question is , someone had the same problem? Or is the Sanwa / HRAP that is broke?
I searched for some days without luck . But i think this could be related with the Ground cable. Not sure at all. With the 5-pin connector didnt work too ( obviously ).

Someone can please help me searching documentation about this problem?

Thanks and sorry for my english.

sounds liken the problem i had yesterday lol.
look here:

Thx a lot , i will try it today !! Hope it works hehehe.

didn’t work …

When i connect the 8 cables i can go right , left and down , but up goes down …

I’m doing something wrong or this stick is broke?