HRAP 3 or HRAP 2 SA + converter

I’m having a hard time deciding which to go with (keep). I picked up a brand new HRAP 3 for about $120 after taxes 2 days ago with the intentions of modding it, but fell in love with a brand new HRAP 2 SA they had in stock for $160. So here I am asking for insight.

Should I keep the HRAP 3 and just wait till all this mayhem dies down to order some Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons.


Return still sealed HRAP 3 and exchange it for HRAP 2 SA + converter. This thing is so damn sexy. :hitit:

Keep in mind that I only need it for the PS3. My concern with the HRAP 3 is that I pretty much have no other option but a Sanwa stick according to the HORI FAQ. And with the HRAP 2 SA I’m faced with lag unless I find the right adapter.

Anything else that I might be missing? Help me decide please…

The HRAP2 SA is a better stick. I have one and wouldn’t trade it for a full-Sanwa HRAP3, even though I normally play PS3. The SA has a more versatile joystick mount (fits LS-32, etc) and the top plate is directly removable via hex key. You need to get in via the bottom plate to remove the top plate with most HRAPs.

Downsides to the SA:

  • No Home button
  • Turbo switches more easily tripped with left hand (all HRAP2s)

Check the controllers/converters thread for converter options. The inPin is available from laugh and is known to be reliable, and a cheaper new converter is just now being tested and looks promising so far.

That said the HRAP3 is a good stick. It is certainly more convenient for PS3-only use, if you’re not planning on swapping sticks out or anything.

how about this one?
It has a Hrap2 top panel, make it easy to swap between Sanwa or Seimitsu.

You consider selling the HRAP3? You can probably fetch at least what you got it for if not more on ebay or even craigslist.

I’m currently using my HRAP2 SA primarily on PS3 with the InPin converter and there’s no noticeable lag for me when playing SF4.

Thanks man, certainly has me wishing I should’ve just picked it up from the start. But they had a questionable converter so it held me back.

So how do you go about going back to the home menu? via regular controller?

Beautiful stick, but really like the lighter color base that the SA comes with. It complements the buttons . That’s what attracted me to it so much. I thank you though.

BTW, nice bike man! I had a Haro Master and Haro Sports (downtube protected chainring)…ah man the good old days. Black Widow ftw!

Yes I have, I can pretty much sell it on either and fetch what I spent or more than enough to cover the price of said SA. This is most likely going to be my route. Just hate dealing with eBay now a days. Ever since they bought out Paypal, the fees hit the roof! Higher Insertion fees + Auction Fees + Paypal fees. On small items sales it can be a drag.:tdown:

I use a Pelican converter; it has a PS button on the converter itself. 'Course that means I have to get up and hit the button, so I usually just keep a controller nearby. I wish there was a way to trigger the PS function via keyboard, so I could just keep a keyboard nearby for messages and PS/home triggering.

stupid question:

so you use a 2nd controller to activate the home button? while player 1 is using the INPIN and HRAP2?

I’ve been going through the same debate between HRAP3 and HRAP2 SA w/converter for my ps3.

I would like to decide on the HRAP2 SA. But where can you find one in stock? I’ve searched online for the past week and every site says it’s out of stock/backorded. I guess I’m gonna have to wait.

I also would like to know where you are finding HRAP 2 SAs, I want one badly =(
They have HRAP 2 SA and HRAP Amazon Exclusive. Not sure how many they have left.

I’m looking for sturdy sticks to play DC, PS2 and PS3 games on and right now I’m leaning toward the orange HRAP2. A few questions here: Is it full, partly or no Sanwa/Seimetsu? If I get an adapter to use on a 60gb PS3, will I be able to play PS2 games or does that depend on the adapter? I think I’m going to order it anyway because they just look nice and they have the old button curve instead of the new arch Hori favors now. I hate the arch…