HQ Presents: Battle of the Underdogs AE2012 Edition – ft. UMVC3 Teams, Raffle Sat, June 23rd, 2012


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Backed by popular demand, TOSF:HQ and White-R will be hosting an all out brawl between all the Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition (AE2012) underdogs in the city of Toronto.

Battle of the Underdogs will showcase some of the best hidden AE talents the city has to offer and encourage new comers to step up and participate in our local tournament scene.

Due to limited space and time, we will be capping the underdogs’ entrance to 50 People Max. Sign up early to ensure your spot!

Do not show up late. We cannot guarantee your spot.

Only those given approval by the judges will be allowed to play in this tournament. If feel that you are not an underdog or a pro, we’ll put you on the suspect list to sort out based on the overall competition. Please respect the judges’ decisions.

Judges:Killacam, YRSF|Blitzman, Dice01, TOSF:HQ | DarkDragon, White-R

UMVC3 Teams
If AE is not your thing, we will also be hosting an UMVC3 Teams Tournament on the side. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a 3v3 umvc3 teams tourney! Get your teams ready for this epic event.

We will be having a Raffle on site! Raffle tickets will be available $2.

Full details coming soon.

**When: **
Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 @ 12:00pm

**Where: **
A&C World
702A Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Venue = $10
Entry = $12 (With one raffle ticket included)


12:00pm: Registration Begins
2:30pm: Registration Closes
3:00pm: Super Street Fighter AE 2012 Underdogs Begins
4:00pm: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams Begins
5:00pm: Raffle Draw!


Super Street Fighter AE2012 Underdogs (XBOX360)

Pay out:
1st - 70% ($350 est.)
2nd - 20% ($100 est.)
3rd - 10% ($ 50 est.)

2/3 matches per set, 2/3 rounds per match
All Finals matches are best 3/5 Sets
Timer: 99 second default
Losers are able to change characters

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Teams 3v3 format(XBOX/PS3)

Pay out:
1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Single elimination with 2/3 matches per set
All teams are character locked
You may switch the order of your team against another team but you may not switch the order of the characters you are using.
All Finals matches are best 3/5 matches
Timer: 99 second default
Due to limited space and time, we will be capping the marvel team entrance to 16 teams max (48 people). Sign up early to ensure your spot!

This event is brought to you by TOSF:HQ and White-R

Stream brought to you by TTT_RXS http://twitch.tv/torontotoptiers

If you want to sponsor this event, please contact me at white_r_jack@hotmail.com.

AE Underdog Entrants:

  1. Jing
  2. Navi
  3. ChaChaman
    4.Tofu Warrior
  4. Syn13
  5. Ahn
  6. Tik Tok
  7. Damion
  8. Dry Soap
  9. johypnol
  10. count blackula
  11. paulb
  12. invert the senses
  13. fussenpepper
  14. Daquiri
  15. Darran
  16. JoelSyko
  17. Express
  18. Rikir
  19. Rocmox
  20. Rice
  21. sector7eleven
  22. MLGFearless
  23. Chokehold
  24. PongBoom
  25. JoshGetsHype
  26. JJL-Z33
  27. TwoB1Gunz
  28. ViSiOnInG
  29. Phoenix Reborn
  30. mikeISF
  31. J Rage
  32. Badroc
  33. chowwun
  34. lordchiefanubis
  35. LucidSnow
  36. Nickcam
  37. Swissbeats
  38. Kstoute
  39. Luis
  40. aquaman123
  41. BlitzBeat
  42. James Ly
  43. Felix
  44. Lolimar
  45. EricGGMusic
  46. America
  48. Aaerox
  49. Lolimar
  50. Salman
  51. Wayno
  52. Yucorp

This tourney is at capacity. 5 more spots will be available at the venue. No guarantees. Good luck to all participants!

Suspect List:

UMVC3 3v3 Team Entrants:
[LEFT]1. Team London (AvariceX, Dangeresque, London Alvin)[/LEFT]
2. Team Goodfellas (BlakeSuperior, TyKsu, Anesh)
3. Team Sauga + chokehold (Chokehold, Nickcam, GDLK | Rebelo)
4. Team Jail bait (Rikir, Luis, Jing)
5. Team Awesome (NeoRussell, R-Nightmare, 2012UMVC3UnderdogsChamp|ChaChaman)
6. Team Canada: Lolimar, Starmine, TOSFHQ| Jimmy Fierce
7. Team M.I.A: KayZero, TehFullmetal, Jinchiru

No-Late Policy:
The tournament is about a month and a half away so please work on setting up arrangements for work/transportation. If you have work issues please let us know as early as possible so we can make the arrangements. A decent amount of people are expected to show up and the schedule is tight so if you plan on playing hollywood, expect to find your name in the loser’s bracket.

Get hype and sign up today!

Because I am old, rusty, partially blind and have shaky hands I am humbly requesting I be admitted as an underdog.

I`d like to join this tournament.

Hey guys, I haven’t talked to the other judges yet but you guys fall into a grey area. I’m going to put you 2 on the suspect list and sort it out as we get more entrants. Sorry for inconvenience.

no chance

I’d also like to join

I’d like to join the underdog tournament. I also have a huge 35 or so inch crt TV if HQ wants it.

nope lol

stick to online, student

Sorry Jimmy and Nguboy. You can are welcome to team join marvel teams. More details coming soon!

put me in AE

good to go

stands up
Please add me to the list.

Can I join(Navi). I think Jimmy and Ngu should be allowed to join. Despite winning the 1st underdog tourny, there wasn’t many people in it and I think Ngu still considers himself a up and coming player IMO. I wouldn’t mind Jimmy in it either, I think he should deserve some redemption after the last time around.

To address your points. There arent many people in it because, well, the post was created not even 3 hours ago. Im happy ngu considers himself an up and comer, but he won the first underdog and is therefore not eligible for future ones. Jimmy can earn redemption at toryuken but his underdog career is pretty well finished. In summary;
you are in, they are not…monk you are good to go as well

Wow. Nice!

also noodleman is not allowed in…this is a pre-emptive post


Fixed that for you.

I’d like to enter AE underdogs please.