Hp rcf, fadc, ?

(I thought this topic deserved its own thread.)

What should I do after FADC off of HP RCF? What are some combos off it? Should I throw?

Thx in advance.

any move with a 4 frame start up. but really, you decie what to do. maess around with it and think about whatyou can do.

Opinions on whether it is smart to FADC a roll in the first place vary on the Vega boards.

I’m just really trying to add some tricks to my game. Why not FADC it anyway? It is pretty easy to gain meter back.

ugh, that’s the wrong approach. tricks are nice and all. but really you should focus on fundamentals. you know like spacing, footsies, and what not. And no you shouldn’t FADC. the only time i FADC is when i know my opponent is stupid enough to push buttons at the wrong time after RCF. And no you should keep your meter so you have a punish tool at all times. just because its easy to make it doesn’t mean you should waste. better have it and not use it all, then not having it at all.

I’m no top Vega player by any means, but when I look at things… I find having EX moves much more valuable than an FADC. I never use it, which means I should maybe do it once in a blue moon to keep my opponent on their toes, but really… never more than that. Just not worth it.

Go into training and mess around with it; who knows, you might find something. Though in my opinion you are better saving those 2 bars for EXs.

[/end parrot]

The only time I think it would be wise to use it is if you NEED it for the win, like that FADC into something will win the game or you. Otherwise that damage gets scaled to where you’re better off just using the bars for another combo. Meter isn’t that easy to gain with Vega unless the other person sucks and you’re just going all out on him.

good im glad im not the only one that thinks fadc out of rcf is retarded, i mean im sure it may have its uses but i dont think its cost effecient cus rcf has EXCELLENT recovery on its own.

This. Experiment. I don’t ever look for combos online, I just fuck around in practice and discover things on my own. Also, turn your practice dummy to auto-block so you know what combos and what doesn’t. Also being up the damage scaler.