Hows My Jimmy Look?

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sorry aobut the terrible quality, blame blitzbox.

In short:

It’s not that great…

I watched two videos… one against Ken (SomethingUnique) … wanted to watch this because I played him personally in SC4. And another vid against Ryu.

Here’s why.

  1. Your opponent doesn’t know anything about anti-Blanka… or maybe the lag was killing them… but it seems like the former is probably more accurate.

  2. Your main offense is to rely on the following
    a. Random Ball
    b. Random Slide
    c. Hop into upball
    d. Jumping in but even on successful jump in you at BEST c.HK them.
    e. fake ball into mixups

  3. What it lacks is
    a. defense
    b. normal moves footsie/pressure
    c. walking forward (the more i play the more i realize walking forward makes Blanka even scarier than holding back… especially when nobody has a clear advantage)
    d. lack of combos (even though I suck at combos… i can at least do the very basic combo into ball… or more importantly combo into electricity)
    e. lack of electricity pressure… some blanka players don’t think it’s useful… but i strongly disagree… the mental pressure and the frame advantage of this move makes this a serious threat… this is the move that will slowly push people into the corner…

As I was watching the vid it seems like your way to attack your opponent is you hope that they fail to block your move or you interrupt theirs by luck. It seems like lack of strategy is involved other than… if you see fireball do ex ball… Although I feel the pressure that your opponent is feeling but it’s really because they lack the experience in anti-blanka… they lack basic defensive knowledge against blanka… which imo is really the key reason why you’re kicking ass in both vids…

I feel like… you need to work on your combos, learn to use more normal moves, and learn to play more defensively to mix in with your offense… playing defensively means you should play a style where you react to what your opponent does… I think a good Blanka player needs both. Before people say T SRAI is an offense genius but honestly… he’s just a good Blanka player… if you watch his match against Daigo or some other match… he pretty much completely drops his usual offense trickery and go into full defense anticipation mode…

That’s just my personal comment based on the two vids i’ve seen…


right on.
i jsut uploaded soem of todays matches.
maybe its jsut because you watched 2 vids against shotos?

i’ll watch more later… but i just watched one more… m.bison one

the guy is like a total noob he doesn’t even know how to block… he spams moves and gets hit because the back button must be broken or something… -_-;


Took your advice and filled soem percieved holes in my technique.
taught myself to piano electricity today too.
YouTube - SatsuiNoHomo’s Channel

Do them all repeatedly untill your fingers bleed.

Even if you can’t get the timing correct just yet it helps you figure out good blockstrings to use, and gets you used to the range and startup speed of his normals. Blocked moves also give you a super meter increase, which is always handy. Mixing up combos, when appropriate… not just throwing them out there expecting them to hit everytime, will help keep your playstyle unpredictable.

Footsies too and as Lau said walking in, creep in constantly, close down space between them and the wall. I hate to see runaway blanka play, hoping the clock runs out in their favour. Nearly as bad as watching a charge character in a constant state of walking backwards to get charge.

i watch my girl play blanka all the time, and you dont do any combos ever. just some cheesy random scrub tactics…

learn some easy combos like st.lp to hp.eletricity and cr.lp ball 2(3)x st.lp hard ball.
people who just do random stuff with blanka is so freakin’ bad using hop and ball into electricity.

ps blankas who goes nuts is bad ds.

and stop using turbo button

hi Demliz!

  1. i developed my game and technique on a tactic i feel is superior to 3 and 4 hit ship damage combos, i think my spacing and timing are superior to most. Thus, im sure i could do some mroe combos, but dont need to…msot fo the time. im sure there are instances this would help, and i spent an hour jsut the other day working through blankas trials,a nd practing a few combos .
  2. im far from a random scrub, i was the 2nd player in NA to hit rank A on psn. Take that for waht you will.
  3. dont use turbo, fast fingers homebro.
  4. i suspect you are displacing soem unresolved issues you and your GF have onto me becasue we use the same toon. so much anger, might want to cut back ont eh red meat.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, allthough i disagree with alsmot all of it.

Your Blanka is not solid. Against Chun all you do is random special moves, hop, and jump. No combos, no footsies, no safe setups. Nothing.

Outside of you not elec mashing(in the match I watched) your Blanka is pretty much the prototypical scrubby Blanka.

would you consider an 87% win rate over a the course of hundreds if not thousands of games solid?
just curious.

Everything you do online is not worth much period. I was top 10 Ryu in North America in the first months and i got the game 9 days after it came out. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing! None of your matches show you have an A rank. If you did, you would play a bit better than what you are showing in your videos on youtube. 87% win rate = Nothing. i could fight 100 scrubs a day and have a 100% win rate.

You keep trying to make everyone tell you that you are good. What do you care what anyone thinks? If you think your good then hey, you know what… your good. If your happy with the skill level you are at then great. You dont need other players to agree with you. We all have different goals and different definitions of what is “good” For most people “good” means you can go to a tournament and get top 64 AT LEAST! So by those standards you are NOT good.

Like i said in the Youtube message i will play some casual matches with you so you can see how good you really are. You might win the first couple of matches because i will need to figure out your random moves, but as soon as i learn how you play and what you do, I can guarantee you wont get anymore matches from me.


It isn’t how much you win when playing against bad players that makes you say you aren’t solid, it is how you play.

Go play solid players, report back.

Am I the only one that thinks the title of this thread is hillarious!?

I’m assuming he did it on purpose.

One thing I learn about fighting game forums over the course of over a decade is

Ignorance is bliss

so leave the guy alone and go to another thread.


YouTube - SatsuiNoHomo’s Channel
updated and with better pixels.
so many noobs, so little time.