How would MvC3 play compared to the current meta if it were designed like this:

1. X-Factor gave no speed or damage bonus. You couldn’t cancel out of blockstun with it.

level 1 cost .5 hyper meter(8 seconds)
level 2 cost 1 hyper meter(16 seconds)
level 3 cost 2 hyper meters(24 seconds)

Adding cost to X-factor helps keep it from being a crutch and something you don’t see in every single match. Maybe you don’t have enough meter for it or you’re saving it for something else. you could even build a battery team to try to make sure it’s always available.

Everything else about it remains the same.

2. You had limited assist(like MvC1). Each of your character’s assist move could only be used up to 6 times. If you snapback an opponent’s character into play, that character(that comes in) would lose one of their 6 assist points.

3. Advancing guard could completely negate block damage, but requires at least 5% worth of meter to negate a single hit. For instance, if Arthur throws three daggers at you you would need at least 15% hyper meter to negate the chip damage. This would cut down cheesy wins dramatically(no throwing hypers like storms just because it does good chipping and is safe) and it can also keep a player from gaining too much meter(choose: chip or meter).

4. The match started with both teams with zero hyper meter energy stored. The only way to gain hyper meter is to be active. you’d gain a very small amount from whiffed actions(even something like activating fly mode), gain a bit more from blocked attacks and get the best gain from attacks that fully hit(unblocked). The most you could gain from a three character air combo is 2.5 hyper meters.

5. The game speed and damage scaling was as close to MvC2’s level as possible.

I was just thinking how cool it would’ve been if the game was designed from the ground up around resource/meter management. I think it would add an awesome strategic element we haven’t see in the versus series. I just think currently the hyper gauge is taken for granted because of how fast it grows.

I know people won’t like my idea, but that’s perfectly fine. I still would like to know what you think about it. If YOU have an idea for design then post your own.

NOTE: I read the forum rules and can’t see how this thread would break any of them(especially when there’s an on-going thread about ragequiting).

The on going ragequiting thread is probably only alive due to the mods not even noticing it.

It would play differently…

capcom, don’t hire this man

^ That, and that’s all it would be. Now quit QQ’ing and making a new topic about hwo you armchair design the game. Fuck.

it would definitely be more of a strategic fighter but it’s obvious this game and its mechanics were put in place in order to cater to a much broader audience.

it’s flashy and simple enough for people who play occasionally. but just like all fighting games or basically all games in general, the ones that put more time/learn the ins and outs of the game are going to be superior.

What would Street Fighter IV be like if FADC cost ultra and you couldn’t do a special move after it?

No one cares about this hypothetical nonsense.

Oh I know I know! Because there’s already a speculation thread for fanfiction like this. :lol:

No offense to any good intentions here, but it’s nice to isolate out the fanfiction / discussions of alternate realities from the more supposedly ““useful”” discussions.