how will win?

Who will win after kens ex tatsu on hit, it’s +1 on hit, ken hitting c.lp or villain hitting a throw?

i thought that c.lp must win, but in training mode a mash out lp and throw. and throw wins. Tried few times. I dont know why.

First off, there’s no input buffer or reversal window for throws and normals when coming out of hit-stun, block-stun or move recovery. Your timing is going to change based on human error.

Secondly, in instances where a normal and Throw would “trade” (when their active frames intercept eachother’s respective hurtboxes on the same frame), Throw wins every time. In order for the cr.LP to beat the throw, it has to hit it out of startup. If someone’s on point with their throws, cr.LP has a minimum of a 1-frame window after EX Tatsu to stuff a throw attempt.

My English is not good. And i want to be sure am i understand right or wrong.
In theory, the lp will win because the 3rd startup frame(1st active) will hit 2nd throw’s startup frame. But in real life it’s very hard to pulloff and you will loose to a throw if you are late just in 1 frame. And all my attempts in training mode was this one frame error or more error that’s why i always loose to a throw even if i mash it really hard. So it’s very risky.

Yes. You have to time that cr.LP very carefully if you’re going to stuff a throw out of startup. Mashing doesn’t help, because the timing window is so small.

This is why many players would rather perform HP.Shoryuken FADC after Ken’s Tatsumaki, because it’s throw immune, or dash backwards and poke with a normal.