How Was Your Weekend on TvC

i had a poop weekend this go around on tvc, i just couldn’t get it together. i won a fare bit, but i felt all disjointed and weak. and got murdered by a killer ptx. :mad:

how was everyone elses? good, bad, other:wgrin:?

Won 17 matches in a row against local friends with [Crossover Counter -> wall combo to regain meter] xN. Was pretty fun.

Online matches with SCYTHE’s PTX-40A. Pretty solid and helps me work on my hard counterpick of the Tekkamen.

finally mastered that damn unblockabale with karas on a gamecube controller! lols

i dont play ppl often tho i need to start traveling more!

lol scythe was the one i was fighting, that guy can rock a robot. i hate giants, but i got respect for his ptx.

gj moe, on mastering the unblockable! :slight_smile:

Been working all weekend. I’ve been watching TvC combo vids, rewatching Rotanibor’s TvC stream portion trying to figure out how I won/lost matches, and brainstorming various approaches while @ work.

Gotta get execution down now and work on non-Roll characters -_-;