How tough is the MadCatz TE?

Hey all,
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I’m a returning SF player from the SF2 series. I’ve recently got myself SFIV and a MadCatz TE arcade stick. Now, especially when playing the challenge mode, I belt the stick around fairly harshly trying to pull off the insane combos required. Which has led me to hope the stick is built for rough treatment. Anyone know how tough the thing actually is?

It’s the exact same stick that is used on the official SF4 arcade cabinets. They’re pretty much designed to take a beating and keep on truckin’.

buttons and stick are sanwa so they are arcade grade components. :smiley:

like the og Timex commercials said. "It takes a lickin’ & keeps on tickin’. I let a button mashing friend of mine use it & it still purrs!

Mash all you want. Even if you break something it is cheap to repair.

I headbutted it once and it doesn’t look dented or anything

also, my head is fine

Headbutt proof ? - what more could you want ?

Also, the cases are solid and the construction is too. I’ve dropped mine a few times and its perfect.

Pretty sure the buttons are made to last at least a million presses. Mine havent gone out after 2 or so years.

its pretty sturdy. I accidentally dropped it down a flight of stairs and it still works as good as out of the the box.

Also, SFIV? Why didn’t you just get SSFIV? unless that what you mean…

strong like bull

except some of the wiring inside… had to replace the harness

but stick and buttons are hardcore MANNNNNN