How to use the RJ45 cables for the PS360+?

FYI: This is what I’m talking about, the ones that plug into the PCB. -

I’ve got the PS360+ installed and everything works great, but I used an Ethernet cable from the PS360+ into the passthrough. Doing this is fine, but 1 - It takes up a lot of space and 2 - I have these two cables that came along with the LED cable I used already.

So what I’m wondering is, do I just crimp on an RJ45 connector to these and plug it into the passthrough? The wires seem to be too thick to fit into the connector. Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Connect an ethernet cable between your PS360+ and something like a Neutrik RJ45 jack. Then make or buy your own modified RJ45 cables to connect to the console of choice. So either USB, PS2, or Dreamcast.

I honestly don’t know what the point in those JST plugs are. IMO it’s better to just use the RJ45 jack. If you do insist on using them then you might have better luck crimping a 2 piece Cat6 plug. Or go for a completely different jack and use an 8pin DIN / D-sub.

That’s what I’m doing now. I just figured that seeing as I owned the other cables I could save some space in my case. Thanks for the suggestions.