How to use Mayflash Arcade stick with NullDC NAOMI

Hello all…

I just recently modded my Mayflash arcade stick and have been playing it non-stop with various arcade emulators (WinKawaks, Model 2 Emulator, CPS-3 Emulator, MAME, etc…). I recently stumbled upon the NullDC Naomi Emulator and recently got the Capcom vs. SNK 2 rom.

I was wondering how do you get the Mayflash Arcade Stick to work NullDC Naomi 1.0.4 r50? I am only able to configure keyboard controls but I want to configure Arcade Stick controls instead.

Thank you.


I go with Dev and say xpadder or some other program (like SNES KEYS) that assigns keyboard key functions to game controllers.

I wouldn’t nessisary go with SNES keys since is a older program, your better off with Xpadder because it has PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers in mind.

Setup - GuiltyGear XX AC Online

Should be similar to what this guide does.