How to use Hori Fighting Stick 3 with directions

I’ve had an X-arcade stick for a while, but moved into a new place and space is a premium (will have to post pic of my setup later). Long story short, I bought a Hori Fighting Stick 3 for PS3. I managed to get the drivers from so the PC would recognize the stick, but the problem is that the stick directions register as Hat POV instead of directions in Windows Controllers. MAME will accept Hat POV, but other emulators like Winkawak or NeoRageX doesn’t.

So the solution after days of googling and trial/error, I found this little gem:
.htm . Once you check to recognize HatPOV and assign the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to the corresponding Hat POVs, voila, playing Art Of Fighting on WinKawak is now possible :smileyhappy: .

I dont know what category this may fit in, and I searched the forums and didn’t really find this info so I figure I would post it. So if a mod has an issue, please feel free to move it or delete it. I spent countless hours doing trial and error and various programs to come to this conclusion, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

How does having more space influence you to get an FS3? I mean, generally most arcade sticks are gonna be around a similar size, and if anything the FS3 is smaller.

And Joy2Key is already very well known around here.

The next person to create an FS3 thread in regards to drivers/getting it to work should be banned or at least get an infraction.

There’s literally more than 10 threads on the same thing.

I have less space, not more, sorry if I wasn’t clear in my original thread.

As for the search function on this forum, it kinda sux. half the time it just returns a blank page. I’m using the latest Fire Fox, does that matter?

I tried searching some keywords with HFS3 (or Hori Fighting Stick 3), and none (that I found) presented solution with Joy2key.

xpadder is way better anyways