How to use head stomps?

Apparently this link had info on headstomps but its broken

Im pretty new to chun li, i havent ever even used her headstomps yet, when and why would i use them? also some combos if there are good ones

Generally, you will be using them to tack on damage after you hit an air to air :hp: x 2 attack (her target combo) when you have no meter or Ultra.

Sometimes, you can do FA -> back dash -> jump forward with stomps, though ideally it’s better to do a Lightning Kick combo instead.

On some characters, stomps can be used as an overhead on their wakeup, iirc.

Here’s some vids just to give you ideas on how it can be used.

Did someone say Stomp?

You’re looking for the E. Honda section, that is obviously butt gauntlet tactics imported to 3s. :lol:

You can condition your opponent to always block high on wakeup with the stomps, and then you can hit low with into ex legs.

Depending on the character and how low you hit the stomp you can actually hit your opponent and stay in front of them, and hit them with the air target combo (into super, ultra etc)

necro making necro things to a month old thread lol

I like using b+mk~mk, 3x stomps in the corner <3

I was unaware you could headstomp honda 3 times on the ground like that.Wow!

i do like to use headstomp very low to the ground from a forward jump against some characters:

makoto, sagat, gouken, ibuki, etc

if you do it right you´re not going to cross up but you can use doble fierce tc for a mix up

against sagat you can combo:

deep headstomp, fierce, delay, fierce, bnb of choice

Head stomp is great when they are in the corner. stomp>stomp>stomp>Air Fierce kick> crouch strong kick> Hazanshu>crouch light punch>kikoken!>ex focus attack > dash forward > target combo > Ultra

  1. This is a 5-month old thread.

  2. The combo you described makes no sense.

1: I did not know that and for some reason it said new on my browser.
2: Take it easy.
3: Combo does work, but I don’t know how to use the standard notation. Part of it rely’s on luck.

that combo does not make any god damn sense

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Sorry man I should know my place and stay quiet.


No, it’s cool Metticus. Just do your thing. If that combo indeed works in SF4, video evidence would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, it looks like it’s more suited for something like SFxT though… focus attack and Ultra aside. :looney: :coffee:

Wasn’t trying to be rude, just was in a hurry when I made the post and didn’t have time to explain.

It looks like it’s certainly not a combo but a string. There is no way that can fully combo because you simply cannot connect those attacks. There is not enough hitstun to make it work (for example, “crouching strong kick” or cr.MK never combos into Hazanshu, even on counter hit).

If you break apart the string into sections of actual combos that do work, though, it is a nifty gimmick that incorporates a lot of high-low mixups.

I’m not saying it’s bad (although some of it could be optimized for more damage). Just not a combo.

Random post…but there’s a certain mix up w/ head stomps that I like to use at least once a set against characters like Abel, Bison and other characters that have large hit boxes w/ non-dp reversals

Fwd Throw->dash->d/f RH->instant stomp->cross up lk->lk hazanshu

Not bad man, I’ll keep that one in mind :smiley:

i will try this out as well!