How to use combos in fights with ibuki?

I have a real hard time with using my practiced combos in fights. I main ibuki and the combo i miss most of the time is cr. lp, cr. lp, st lp, st. mk xx
It feels like all the practiced combos fade out and my gameplay mostly consists out of cr. hk, kunai, throws and (not hitconfirmed) neckbreaker.
I really want to break out of this “habit” but i don‘t see how. I guess a controlled environment would help but i don’t have a trainings partner which makes it really hard to practice gameplay in a satisfactory way.
Do you guys know anything i can do to improve my play?

Try focusing on going into matches and only looking for opportunities to do that combo. Not even focusing on winning, just getting that combo out.

Ty for the fast reply, i will try it and tell you how it went.

Hope you were kidding, you are giving him the wrong message.

Combos are a reward, you cannot force the issue, it has to come natural. What this means it is a consequence of playing solid which allows you to land these combos.
By focusing on the neutral game you wil create opportunities to perform that said hitconfirm combo. It is a hitconfirm combo because there is no other reason why you would have 3 light attacks otherwise.

Focus on blocking properly, ant-airing and play the neutral game. To go a bit more indepth with the neutral game and to not sound completely vague, look for their commonly used pokes and be slightly out of range for that. Ibuki can use her pokes to either apply pressure or get a knockdown from that. From that knockdown you will pressure the opponent with ambiguous crossups or simply be in their face pressing your offense.
Ibuki her xx neckbreaker is a great buffer for when you expect somebody to either walk forward or you expect them to press a button. Because of its long active frames it’s ideal poke for buffering. It is a bit slow so don’t be too obvious with it as your neutral game will become too telegraphed. Her is also good for whiff punishing and can be a basis for gaining momentum of a knockdown.
She has other normals she can use for poking and counterpoking and to keep on the pressure especially with her Tsumuji.,,,, st.lp are some of her normals which you can use at different ranges, to keep on pressure, whiff punish or control forward space. And yes, i was one of the fools who thought she wasn’t solid with her neutral game, i was wrong. As to not have you make the same mistake i did, do not focus too much on just landing a specific combo. Jumping in with her is not a legit option as you are depending mostly on the oponents lack of anti-airing.

What to do once you are in close and they are blocking is going for throws, frametraps, overheads. If you see your cr.lp, cr.lp hitting…you finish the combo.

Go into training and set the dummy to something like easy and gradually go up in difficulty, this is to allow you to become comfortable hitting combos on moving targets. Lastly it is simply experience, you need to play alot to recognize which situations call for wat tools and tactics. This also means different combos for different situations, some wll be damaging others will be a simple poke into a special.

Thx LockM
But i don’t know if i my playstyle allows for that experience to be gained. I do practice the combos in practice mode with autoblock on and the mix-ups with random block on(read it on some other Thread).
Oh and i just tried the other method(just going in a game and forcing the combo), in 3 games i could land it once and probably looked like a fool^^, obviously it has no saying after only 3 games

I would say practice in any way you can, like in training, arcade, and online matches. I decided to mess around with Yun, so I practiced his BnB combos in arcade mode (I been trying to beat arcade mode without losing, close, but no cigar) and I use him in arcade mode when I use the match request feature. Since I been hitting his combos for like a million times in arcade mode, my success rate with his combos are top tier (granted, I still drop them, but I always hit it like 90% of the time).

Like what LockM said, you need to learn the neutral game in order to land your combos, but LockM did a good job on explaining what to use during the neutral game.

So the general theme that i get out of this is: Watch the game, keep calm, look for an opportunity and use it with the tools mentioned above. Can I go with that mentality or are there other things i should look into?
By the way guys, thanks so much for taking your time :slight_smile:

it sounds very passive tho

What you said was more what I meant, but yeah, looking at it I said it pretty ass-backwards.

You’re going to be watching and adapting to your opponent’s behavior. Even if you’re not all up in his face, you’re going to be quite active.

Okay, i will keep it in mind and train it :). But should i look at all the frame data to see which move has priority because this seems like quite a lot to learn

Knowing frame data never hurt anybody.