How to use a fighstick for the pc?

i plugged my ps3 fightstick into a usb slot, the computer recognizes it but i cant use it
anyone know whats wrong?

What game is it for? you could have to map the buttons

oh sf4

You could try Xpadder.

Can you tell us exactly what stick you are using? That would make it easier for ppl to respond.

im using a se stick, sorry about that

go into joystick properties and see if you can see it there. IF you can, make sure all the buttons work.

2nd, you need to map the buttons to the game you are playing in the options.

i cant find out how to go to the properties, and is there a tut anywhere?
i couldnt find one also when i was looking at the controls for the joystick, there was inputs like 1-16, x y z
what do those mean

Do the red numbered dots in the joystick settings light up when you press buttons?

Does your PC use an AMD or nVidia chipset? If so, your PS3 SE stick will not work with the on board USB ports, you will have to buy and install a PCI USB card which are relatively inexpensive.

Also, make sure the switch on the joystick is set to DP and not LS or RS.

guess its cause i have nvidia, well guess ill just wait for ssf4 to come out
thanks for the help

Only a handful of specific chipsets fail to support PS3 sticks, and my understanding is that such a chipset will not even recognize the stick in the first place. If you haven’t tried capturing input with Xpadder, I highly recommend it.