How to time stinger + magneto bc teleport to mix you up?

How do you time it to cross up? And how do you time it to not cross up? All i’ve gotten is autoblock which sucks :. Thanks in advance!

The way I do it is press the assist button at the same time you do Forward H then Bold Cancel teleport like normal.

That’s what I’ve been doing. That makes it autoblock. There’s a way to make it crossup and a way to make it not crossup :, i havn’t been able to figure out how. Thanks for the response though

It also depends on how late your opponent pushblocks, because during pushblock, left/right is blocked automatically. Try messing around with early/late timings for the assist call or the early/late teleport.

I know this is a late reply, but in case anyone stumbles upon this thread looking for the answer, figured I’d post the correct one. You do NOT want to press Disrupah at the same time as fwd+H, as that just creates an auto block string as established above. Do stinger and press assist late, approximately when the Stinger connects w/ the opponent, while you begin the BC teleport buffer.

Watch Yipes do it and you’ll see he’s pressing the assist butting during the stinger animation. Maybe someone else can add in more specifically to which frame or whatever, but the idea to make it work is you need there to be a gap between the Stinger connection and the beam connection. if you can side switch during that gap, and the gap is small enough(but it must be there!), then ideally there’s not enough time to reasonably react and switch your block. With a small enough gap, even if you know it’s coming, it’s still incredibly difficult to switch your block at precisely the right time. POW. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply! :D. I kinda gave up on it a while ago and have been doing disruptor, cr.m xx teleport and it mixes people up a lot. Thanks though, will use

Do you know how to make it hit same side?

No idea, honestly. Heh, sorry.