How to stuff that damn drill

A buddy of mine plays t bonne every match and constantly catches me in the drill while I constantly look for some type of counter move to it. Just seems like it’s almost invincible and she can’t be knocked out of it by projectiles, etc. The only thing I’ve found that works most the time is spidy’s web swing. Everything else is all timing it seems.

Are there any good moves or assists that stop the drill 100% of the time?

You can always jump away… =\

if he’s doing it on the ground, just block and counter with anything…
this move is laggy…
if he’s doing in the air (most likely) try to avoid and punish from behind…
also, what chars are you using?!?

I use damn near all of them, but I guess I’m a little better with big guys. I don’t play tournament so I really don’t concentrate on one team. I play alot with Hulk, but his moves don’t seem fast enough to hit her once the drill is done chipping me. Sometimes chp will launch her other times it will only put her up to hulk’s eyes and I eat another air drill because his move lags. Just seems like alot of chars lack a good move to stuff the drill while it’s out. He’s got a pretty good lockdown game going with dril and sent drones and it’s hard to get out of there with a bulky guy like hulk or gief. Whiffing moves with those guys is all the worse too.

He usually plays colossus, tbonne, sent. When I’m not getting hit with the drill I’m eating a team hyper lunch-rush/ power dive/ hsf, but it seems to hit on both sides because if colossus starts it, he comes down on the other side and sometimes the lunch rush hits from one side, other times it hits from the back. Grr.

Is the drill that good of a move or is it that I just suck and I leave myself open to it way too often?