How to set up meaties?

By meaties I mean like Ken’s meaty St.Lp into Ultra2? I mean set up meaties during combos if thats possible?

The definition of meaty is to time a normal or special so that the last active frame of the move coincides with the first vulnerable frame of their wakeup. The combo you listed sounds like it’s impossible to hit confirm no matter how you turn it :confused: sorry.

I believe it’s a matter of distance, you have to be far enough away that the first active frame(s) whiff but the last one doesn’t.

You’d probably get a better answer in the Ken thread.

yeah it is just a distance thing. for the ken standing jab into U2 you have to hit it on the second active frame of the jab. don’t bother spending any appreciable time learning that combo though cause there are much better ways to set up that ultra.

Ken can combo into U2 with a st.Jab and without a counter hit regardless of the distance and which active frame you hit. U2 has a 7 frame start up and a st.Jab and are both +7 on hit.

i dont wanna start a new thread but i wanted to ask: how the heck does tokido pull off low hurricane kick into sweep? i can never do that without crossup

only works on some characters…if you’re doing it on a character you KNOW it works on, adjust the timing and practice practice practice.

[media=youtube]vTJ5srcjWiA[/media] watch both parts, one of them should have a list of the (vanilla) characters it works on.

sweet. that helped a lot. thanks abunch

^ this but also in ssf4 I do not think meaties are very reliable or used much compared to other sf games since the reversal frame is huuuge!!

Meaty hits can hit on their first animation frame of wakeup, also, they stuff-or nullify- reversals. To set one up, knock the opponent down, and bait a reversal by walking in and out of range for their reversal.
What game is this?

Super Street Fighter IV.

Not really sure that meaties stuff or nullify reversals that is what makes reversal moves special, and compared to super turbo and third strike, ssf4 has the most amount of frames or leniency for the reversal window in which you can time your reversal. Go ahead and test it out yourself in the older builds of street fighter games. Meaties were a lot more useful then because the reversal windows in the previous games were a lot smaller, almost every one who has some form of an srk move in ssf4 can easily whip out reversals with ease. The worst part is that reversal moves break armor (focus attack) in ssf4.