How to set character theme song stages on AE?

hey im trying to set up the character stage theme songs on AE. i cant seem to find the option. plz help

  1. What does that even mean?
  2. What does it even matter?

instead of the plain old fighting music u play in, each character u play against has their own little theme song. like when u play agaisnt guile its the guile theme.

I think you need to play trials or beat the arcade before you get that option

Play the game until you get notification that you can turn on Arranged BGM’s. When you get that notification, go to options -> sound options -> set Arranged BGM’s ON.

Note that the themes only play on P1vsP2 versus (So no against bots) and Online Play. P2’s Character’s theme is always the one that plays during matches.

If memory serves me correctly, you need to set an icon and a title (note that you don’t actually need to go online). Press…RB/R1/:HP: I think at the main menu, then press X/Square/:lp: or Y/Triangle/:mp: (buttons listed are defaults) to access the respective menus. Once you set one of each and save it, you should unlock arranged BGM. Turn it on like Dr.Continuum said, in the options.

Beat arcade mode with any character. Then when you do go to options and switch Character BGM to ON. For now on, when you play online you will always hear your opponent’s character’s theme song (or yours during replays if you are on the right side) play instead of the stage music. Hope that helps.