How to> rise-ups and stuff >,>

hmm well i just bumped into a makoto guide earier wich said that i “always want my enemy on the ground” now i know how to get it there mostly… but right now at my lvl playing VS easy AI arcade mode most of the time to practice whenever i try to… get them on their riseup i always get punched in the face first XD… well most of the time anyways.
are there indicators on… well when or how i need to engage an enemy when hes about to get up?
and what is “safe jump” i bumped into that too… i like to jump in… safly doing it is something id realy like to know about ^-^… hmm or does it even mean jumping on the enemy?.. maby to safety… >,< heck i have no idea lol.

… actualy… i dont even know why i want my enemy on the ground >,> they just said i want it lol.
thanks :>

You want your enemy on the ground because:

  1. You can jump in and hit him with a heavy attack as he gets up, which leads to big combos.
  2. You can throw him which puts him back on the floor again.
  3. Similar to throws as Makoto you can command grab him which again leads to big combos.

So for you enemy his best course of action is

  1. Anti air you as you jump in.
  2. Back dash out of the way as he gets up.
  3. Guess what you will do and try to block (doesn’t work against throws/command grabs).
  4. Focus attack absorb and punish (risky).

A safe jump is a well timed jumping attack that if you opponent tries to attack you as you jump in on him you will end up blocking the anti air. If he doesn’t attack then your own jump in attack will come out. That’s why it’s good because you don’t have to worry about his anti air while he has to worry about your attacks . For details on how to set it up you should check out some tutorial videos here.

It’s good to have someone knocked down because they will have less options than you do when compared to a more neutral situation. It’s that simple.

Sadly the AI isn’t very good practice for this kind of thing at all. The wakeup game is based largely on predicting your opponents reactions which is impossible vs a non human opponent.

This kind of thing is actually an advanced aspect of the game.

ooww… well thanks for ur tips :o i guess i jumped ahead of myself again xD but i guess its still good to have that info in mind while i practice more basic things :slight_smile:
hmm i dont think practising with AI in my kind of level will do anyharm… cus i cant realy predict anything but fireballs myself xD
one more question… what should i be doing if i realise my apponent uses shoriyuken the moment hes up? plocking me from the air or close to it?
what is the mostly common attacks ppl do on rise-ups?

thanks so much :slight_smile:

You pretty much guessed it. For us average joes the most common thing people do on wake up is shoryuken or moves that have similar properties. To deal with it you have to pick up his pattern first. IE: If you jump in and eats a shoryuken, next time he has to wake up jump in early and simply hold back. Chances are he will try to shoryuken again but you’ll block it. Then just punish accordingly. If he’s smart he’ll stop doing it. If he’s not then you just keep blocking his shoryukens and he’ll be dead in no time.

You should always mention which game you’re talking about. I’m guessing you’re talking about SSFIV because safe jumps are very important in this game, but at the same time you could also be talking about SF3:3S or Blazblue.

[EDIT: OK I see you mentioned Shoryuken so that rules out Blazblue]

WRT SSFIV, Makoto has ways to beat reversal shoryukens with Safe Jumps eg.

There are also other ways to attack from the air which will make certain reversal options whiff or lose to your jump in attack no matter how the opponent times it, but that’s usually character and situation specific. I’ll leave it to you to research some of this on your own (Noobtip: browse the Makoto forums and ask a question here: AEMAKOTO Guide and Q&A: Ask all your questions here!)

You don’t always need to jump at a knocked-down opponent though, especially with Makoto. She can mix the opponent up with her overhead and command grab.
If you notice they keep trying a special move on wake up if you’re close to them, then get close them and just block. If they perform a special move, block and punish (this is a very basic strat).


What seems to be the problem?

wow thanks alot :smiley: ill be practising riseup situations with AI for now since i cant online for the time being, i was thinking of going to the makoto forums but theyll start talking to me with the trade’s language wich i hardly understand for now so… and this question was also general if and i guess it wasnt clear enough lol xD
thanks so much again :slight_smile: the video was very enlightening… he was getting that kick to make a distance or timing?.. both?.. i try that anyway :>

I thought you couldn’t safe jump shoto’s? LOL!

It’s to get the timing for the safe jump.

you make it so the dp will hit at later frames.

hey what do i do if the apponent ALWAYS block from riseup?

I dont get what you mean by this. Does anyone else have an explanation for why this safe jump works?

Edit: nevermind, i just saw vryu’s video description on you tube

Throw/command grab him on wake up.

Many characters have ways to safe jump shotos. Remember that even though DPs are fast, they still have a 2 frames of startup before they activate. If your character has a cross-up that will hit them near their center as they are waking up, you can make their DP whiff because they go “under” you, and by the time it reaches the 3rd active frame you would be on the other side of them. Sometimes the DPs will even get stuffed.

Another way of safejumping them is by using a long range attack that “outranges” the DP. It’s basically the same setup that Makoto uses in the vid above. Here’s one of the first safe jumps of this type that was discovered: