How to remove screw

I have a screw on a ps2ds that after repeated attempts to get out, looks like it’s pretty messed up. Like the cross/flat slots have been worn out and such. As idea on how to get rid of these?

  1. drill it out

  2. put super glue/JB weld on the end of a small screwdriver (expendable one of course) and insert that into the screw head



Can’t just remove the rest then pry off the part that has the worn out one?

I can’t even twist it, no grip. And I’d rather not pry it out since I’d like to use the controller again.

I guess you’re screwed then! ^^


get a set of screw extractors at lowes/home depot. they cost like $10, helped me take out some stripped screws in my HRAP with no mess

Depends on where the screw is, and how big the head is, you might be able to file/cut a slot in the head so you can then use a flat head screw driver to remove it.

Wait, these things do exactly what you say they do? Can you explain details and this is all I have to ask for?

Edit: I think I know how it works, but do they make ones small enough to work on the Ps2 controller screws?

Here’s a solution similar to the JB-weld/screwdriver solution, but cheaper and sometimes easier. Get a bolt about the same size as the screw head. File it flat if it’s not quite flat (many have the bottom thread creating a little “lip”, file this part) and JB-weld it to the screw. Now grab Mr. Wrench and remove bolt+screw. :slight_smile:

the ones all the way in the recess of the controller? i’m not too sure if that would fit. hammer/screw extractors/screwdrivers were all I needed for the job.

Yeah I got one at Sears called “screw out” by craftsman. It removes stripped screws like nothing. As far as size though, you might have to ask specifically. The one I have is for typical screw sizes not tiny ones.

Craftman ‘Screw-Out’ only $9.99 till 4/19 (today) at SEARS.

Grab a Dremel, and go to town on it…carefully, that is.

lol i was about to say the same thing Imitrex. but dont just say go to town. cut a slot into the screw and put in a flat head screw driver.

those screw out things NEVER work for anything. ive tried using 3differnt kinds and all of them made the problem worse. the dremel solution works the best. that JB weld one is second if you cant get a dremel

Darn it! Ruin all the fun! :sad: :smile: