How to record and play back ZSNES movies

The first thing you need to do is have a rom. Any rom will do, but preferably the one you wish to make a movie with. ( PIC 1 )

Secondly, open zsnes and load the rom you wish to make a video of. ( PIC 2 )

Next, press esc while the game is running and go to MISC and choose MOVIE OPN ( PIC 4 )

It will bring up this screen ( PIC 5 ) All you do there is choose what number to record under (0-9) and press record. Once you have recorded whatever footage you want, esc one time, go back to the movie menu, and press STOP.

NOTE If you are recording multi-player games, make sure that you have save data set to local, and that you STOP recording BEFORE the other person exits the game! END NOTE

When you are done recording, you will have the movie saved and the EXACT name of the rom (PIC 6 ), (see also pic 1) however it will have the extention .zm*, where the * will be a number 1-9, which tells you what spot to choose when replaying the file. If the extention is just .zmv, that means replay it in spot 0.

To replay a video, follow the same steps, but choose PLAY and the number that you have the replay for. Easy…

If you download a replay and it doesnt play, then make a copy of the rom it’s supposed to be for. COPY and PASTE the rom name from the replay name. Just leave off the .zmv or .zm1, or whatever the number may be.
EDIT make sure to place the replay files in the same folder as your roms people! otherwise it will not play.

Thank you, and lets see some Match, Combo, and Speedrun vids everyone!

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