How to quick stand at the right time?

Noob question. Been playing 3S for a while. I noticed I’ve always been mashing the down to quick stand. Is there a proper timing?

Yes. tap down when you are just about to/are hitting the ground.

Mash down.

Just tap down when you hit the ground. If you still get the quickstand when you mash though, then whatever just do that. haha

I time it to the bounce of my character’s body against the ground. A bad example is getting caught by Sean’s EX tackle move; if it happens, tap down for every pound of the ground that there is.

Some moves can be a little bit hard to quick roll, like Mak’s b/f throw. Gotta mash that shit once she strikes you on the ground. Other examples are Dudley’s and Remy’s air-to-air j.hp that smacks you onto the ground. Sean’s tackle can be a little bit of a bitch too.

I usually tell people to parry the ground.

When you’re in a grab, do it right slightly you hit the ground.

When you’re getting hit and knocked down, do it immediately when you hit the ground.

It works wonders on deijin and ken-anything users.

To be fair, not quickstanding in certain occasions is a good way to throw off your opponent’s own timing. He may be banking on you quickstanding so he can do some sort of setup. This goes for Denjin and Ken crossup setups too. Mixups, son~

Don’t quickstand against Urien unless he grabs you. Messes up most unblockable set ups.

Likewise, Alex gets crossed up on his own knockdown fairly easily by dashing shotos, etc.

will remember this.

which unblockable setups get messed up by not quickstanding? all of the legit ones cause an untechable initial knockdown because of aegis, and not quickrising out of the bullshit ones isn’t really going to help. it’ll just keep you closer to the aegis and give urien more time to create a bullshit unblockable where there otherwise would’ve been just a mixup.

iMASH and it works